Instagram WTF

Love Taza Will Support Breast Cancer March By Posing For An Instagram Picture

Naomi Davis, supports women, supported women this weekend by standing on a corner with her daughter to take a super hashtaggable gram pic.

Geotagging herself at the “The Breast Cancer Walk Finish Line”, she gushed about how she and her daughter were supporting the cause.

Felt so inspired as we walked by probably 100 women who’d just finished the Breast Cancer Walk while wearing our pink in support. #breastcancerawareness

So…basically she stood on a corner that was probably not all that near the finish line after passing some other women who did the Making Strides March and took a picture so she could go hashtag af on it. Ok then. Well I’m sure every woman affected by breast cancer truly appreciates her amazing activism and support.

  1. GucciBeforeCoochie

    She is the WORST! Tone deaf and oblivious at how ignorant she sounds on a daily basis!

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  2. domino sugar

    Inspired to do... what, exactly, Naomi?

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  3. Ohmyohmy

    Haha, right! I will say though, her sister Hannah is kind of hot and that is a blog, if she started one, I might follow..

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  4. Ohmyohmy

    I meant "hot" in a relaxed, cool and also a little fun and inspirational kind of way. More interesting than her sister, I guess.

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  5. couchpotatochip

    I honestly feel bad for her strange life. She has all the free time in the world to actually participate in the march, but chose to just walk by and take credit for the work of other women. Nothing they do is a coincidence. She knew where the march would be and she chose to dress up in pink, not participate, and co-opt their movement for clicks. What disgusting people they are. Do you think they realize how awful their lifestyle comes across and simply don’t care$$$ or can they possibly be THAT tone deaf?

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  6. so rad


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  7. Sponsored Sparkles

    And now she is so "proud" of Lauren Bush Lauren for her hard work with her hunger charity Feed. The Derps love being charity-adjacent. They don't have to actually do anything, but they get all of the admiration for positioning themselves near to people who actually do charitable things. No doubt, they get all of the feels like they have done something worthwhile than their lives other than to shill out their children's privacy for free furniture, free trips, and free dresses.

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    • Decorate - Gitmo Style

      The "proud of you" comment is so gross and condescending. It's not like they are BFFs from way back. LBL is connected to two incredibly famous families and built a real organization. She doesn't need thirsty accolades from two obscure bloggers she let be in a photo shoot one time.

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      • Sponsored Sparkles

        That is exactly what I thought too! I mean these two blogger grifters basically used LBL's event just to take a bunch of photos and Instagram Stories of themselves adjacent to more famous people, while nominally caring about hungry people.

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  8. pure caos

    She felt so inspired to do what? Use it for her monetized Instagram account? She is pathetic. Having a smiling well-dressed family doesn't make them good people. They are selfish to the core.

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  9. Dooce Bigelow

    This is pretty gross.

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  10. Going to the Boneyard on the Reg

    Oh, honey, no...

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  11. doritos are manna

    These clueless people in their pink shit don't know how offensive the whole pink thing is to actual breast cancer survivors/patients. Your tutu won't make me feel supported, or better, or even send a dime to cancer research.
    Stop co-opting someone's real illness or suffering for your shallow IG lifestyle.

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    • Lipsensedaddy

      As a survivor, I'm not really offended by the pink movement, so long as you're actually doing SOMEthing to back it - raising funds, sharing facts, promoting charities that are fighting the good fight, supporting a survivor friend or family member, etc.

      I'm just thankful she didn't tag #savethetatas or similar, but mostly that's because my boobs are long gone and I'd like to think that we place a higher priority on saving the women!!

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    • notkept

      My husband has Stage 3b Melanoma. As his supporter, I joined a melanoma support group. One of the women that participates, Stage 4 with mets in her brain, goes to a cancer center that has a separate breast cancer center. All good and well. She reports that the breast patients have better digs. Still, Ok, I mean a lot of money is raised for that "sexy" cancer. But, I am SO GROSSED OUT that last week there were firemen at the cancer center dressed in pink and hit HER UP for a donation. SHE'S a CANCER PATIENT WITH TUMORS ON HER BRAIN. Talk about tone deaf. I support any cause that I can, but that is just beyond the pale.

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  12. Severus Snark

    So...she didn't care enough to participate, donate, walk, cheer, or even spread free knowledge about breast cancer.
    But she DID care enough to pose in front of it to get charity headpats on her Instagram. Tagging awareness.

    What next, Derps? Are you going to just start showing up at events with good PR and to pose in hardhats and leave? Going to start carrying prop sandbags and sponsored gloves in case terrorism threatens your next promo? Can some ham please, please make these things readily available for all future Davis family posts? I *NEED* a co-opting Naomi meme to insert into famous photos from history.

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  13. Ham Dawber

    I could maybe justify her "inspiration" if she'd stumbled upon the walk by accident and had simply shared that she'd found the walkers' efforts moving. But she dressed for the occasion with every intention of making herself look heroic without doing dick. That's pretty ghastly.

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    • Whatever Whatever

      But that is the clever genius of the statement it reads like she stumbled on it and was “inspired”. AT the same time tagging it like she was supporting it. Her are gross for propping up this narcissistic behaviour.

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