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Love Taza’s Uterus Hits The Blog Content Jackpot

Naomi Davis, the baby making cog that keeps the whole blog factory running, has announced she is expecting baby number 4…and 5.

I guess this explains how they knew they’d be able to afford that new apartment.

  1. oh get over yourself Melanie


  2. pitter_patter

    Holy shit. She is in for a major shock. Two infants is rough.

    • Wait...What

      I was thinking she is in for a major shock sooner than that. Carrying twins is not even close to carrying one.

  3. Vivi

    I’m sure its IVF and there’s a good chance they picked the sex of the babies. But man it would be funny if she winds up with two boys.

  4. Ham Dawber

    I hope the Heavenly Father is looking out for their neighbors. The stomping, screeching, and piano-pounding is about to increase exponentially.

  5. SadMamaCat

    Are these people insane? Who has five kids in nyc? It’s getting ridiculous.

  6. crispenclean

    Whoa. That’s a truckload of kids. Going to be much harder toting them around OMG NYC to get ice cream-candy sundaes, pizza, and doughnuts. But maybe they’ll get one of those little push-bus things that nursery school/day cares in the city use to transport kids to the playground. Of course I wish them well (I don’t see how you cannot, when it comes to people’s children); however, it does seem as though they like to use their offspring as clickbait and that it was time to inject some new enthusiasm into their flagging brand.



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