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Lynette Still Hasn’t Been Verified

Lynette Young, known to dozens, is still whining that she can’t get verfied on twitter.

Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 10.12.04 AM

She’s evidently been applying every 30 days since August. Maybe she should name drop Biz Stone again and add another story about how famous she is. That might push her through the arbitrary decision process towards that totally meaningless social media status symbol.

  1. Little Broom On The Prairie

    All of the major newspapers will be doing their Year In Review lists soon:

    1. The election
    2. Celebrities we lost in 2016
    3. Technology strides
    4. Economic gains and losses
    5. Lynette still not being verified by Twitter

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  2. erika *cringes* shupe

    the only lynette i care about is lynette scavo

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  3. our carefully laid plans

    But cats are click bait internet overlords.

    Lynette must be new around here.

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  4. Raging BitchSlap

    Oh brother. Lynette is looking for free trips to England and Australia. Er, I mean, speaking jobs.Yeah, tha's it.

    "Lynette Young
    I have *BIG PLANS* for 2017 - I want a speaking gig in the UK or Australia. Who do I know that can help me make that happen?"

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    • Neck Fat

      Post is edited to read:
      "I have *BIG PLANS* for 2017 - I want a speaking gig in the UK or Australia. Who do I know that can help me make that happen?
      Edit: Thanks everyone! I realize a lot of my friends don't know what I do for a living -- I am the founder of an industry-leading software company and a professional keynote speaker. I've been speaking for 26 years and have coaches already (the illustrious Michael & Amy Port) so I'm not looking to 'break' into speaking, just get some overseas connections.
      https:// has my keynotes listed but not my fees (I don't speak for free, it's my career, not a hobby.)
      EDIT EDIT: I'm now throwing Hawaii in the mix. ;)"

      This is her "professional" website. From other sources I can see she attended Rutgers, but I see no degree listed:

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  5. Bolivian Army Wedding Singer

    My advice to her, whoever she is, is to do the following:
    1. Post picture of cats
    2. Change Twitter name to anything pertaining to love of cats (catlove, iheartcats, etc)
    3. Change profile picture with a picture of a cute cat
    4. Cat

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