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Mamagrammers Not Even Trying Anymore

Mamawatters, the original kinfolky prairie mamagrammer, posted a fun snow day picture of her sons on ye olde oh-so-rustic LL Bean red sled.


Obviously Old Joy, the scourge of snapchat, had to immediately post the same thing.


I know this isn’t ‘news’ but I just really, really needed other people to roll their eyes with me at how ridiculous this has gotten. Thanks for letting me get that out.

  1. Stay in Bed Mom

    Ugggggghhhhhh, I know, right? These two pics came up side by side in my Instagram feed and it took me a minute to realize it was MW and OJ, and not just a double post from one person. #liveauthentic

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    • Jems

      She even uses the word "cheese." Outstanding copying.

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  2. Little Broom On The Prairie

    Well, OJ has TWO sleds, so ...

    OJ : 1
    Mama W : 0

    But wait! Mama W got her photogenic house in the background, and OJ, well ....

    Mama W : 1
    OJ : 1

    Tie? No! Mama W got hers in first, so ...

    Mama W : 2
    OJ : 1

    Mama Watters FTW! Congrats, Mama! (Bonus points if they could figure out how to attach wooden peg hooks with dried flowers onto the sleds.)

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    • That Squirky

      Dried ORANGES are in this season.

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      • Little Broom On The Prairie

        Ahh, yes. Just yesterday, I saw an intriguing and inspirational dried orange idea:

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        • selfie abuse

          Wut? Did she put a dried orange slice on her baby?

          Damn, we joke about them objectifying their kids but do we really have to *tell* you your baby isn't a potpourri bowl?

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          • BlissfulIgnorance

            It used to be using jars as cups, now it's using babies as plates. Keep up. Lol

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          • Apologetically Feministy

            And the award for best comment goes to "selfie abuse"!!! Baby potpourri is amazing!

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        • oh, you

          OMG THAT PHOTO.

          This was the background convo before that shot:

          Sibling to Bri: "So happy you get to see the new bab--"

          Bri: "Uh, what is that kid wearing? Stripes? Girl no, that's a problem pattern. Hang on, I'll give you my kid's matching bonnet so you don't at least look like you only shop from Target."

          Bri's sibling: "Oh, okay, it's just that I'm really really tired and overwhelmed from birth and I could use some advice - "

          Bri: "Here's my advice, wrap that kid up so we don't see it's logo leggings. I'll get a backup bonnet on my kid, and....*looks at Christmas wreath*....Ah! Some kinfolkiness!" *slaps dried orange choking hazard on kid's chest, walks away to set up overhead shot"

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    • Another Thing

      BUT WAIT ... like usual, Amelia actually posted her sledding pic days before either.

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  3. KipDynamite

    I can't stand these Prairie people, so I don't keep up with them. But, I did skim through the OJ thread once. She seems... crazy. Is she aware that people think she's nuts? Has she ever been called out on copying this other woman? Does the other woman know she's being copied? So many questions!

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    • cece22

      Wondering the same thing!! I don't follow Mama W. Is it flattering? Annoying? Does Mama think OJ is an annoying try hard (she is)? Details emerging at 11!

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      • KipDynamite

        I am genuinely interested. I just can't imagine being in either their shoes. Such a SWF situation. Creepy as hell.

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  4. That Squirky

    Why don't those kids have waterproof coats? Day care is really getting in the way of kinfolk-ing my family.

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  5. prettyponies

    These people are so incredibly predictable and boring. Especiallly OJ. She makes me feel sad with her insane humping dances and copycat everything.

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  6. Purple21

    So here I am at home with the kids during the school holidays, and the kids have been watching TV/ playing computer games all day, so I have no viable Instagram photos.
    Maybe I should quickly scan Instagram for some Mommy blogger ideas and then pose the children accordingly. The sled trick would look a bit strange though, seeing I'm in the middle of Australian summer.

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    • Little Broom On The Prairie

      Hello! Little red wagon, and your kids in mini 1930's railroad worker overalls. (Don't forget the bonnets, too.)

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  7. oh, you

    Bonus eyeroll re: Old Joy photo. The little kid on the left has NO snow in the treads of his boots, and the kid on the right only has the snow he clearly moved from the red blanket he's sitting on (as the top 1/2 of his left boot has no snow on it, meaning he was placed in the sled, and used his right foot to push himself into the backrest).

    So the props were literally carried to the sleds, plopped in them, and you can tell how long they sat there NOT having fun by how fast the snow is falling on them.

    But at least OJ got her pic, so...thanks, kids! Time to come inside and set up the next "spontaneous" photo shoot!

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    • Roadkill on Batshit Lane

      I have been unaware of this entire situation because mommy bloggers are boring as f**k. But seriously ... this is super f**king creepy and weird. They have matching sleds and nearly matching outfits??

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  8. giant fleshy toddler

    Why are all these (short) posts behind a cut? Trying to get them clicks like the bloggers???

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  9. allegedly

    Married White Female territory!

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  10. justtrollingalong

    Just commenting to say I misread that as "mammogramers" (as in mammography) and was a little afraid to down to the pictures.

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