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Margery Reminds You That You Don’t Deserve Your Man


Margery, femininity warrior, has some real talk for all you ladies. It seems too many women are doing submission wrong:

In our current culture women “deserving” a good man and relationship is so beat into us that it becomes hard to separate our sense of entitlement from ourselves.

Well, all that being ‘entitled’ to a good man simply won’t do. You women need to remember one thing – you’re not worthy:

Submissive wives, we do not deserve the men we have. I don’t care if this statement is true or not (meaning, don’t bother debating this with me- it’s irrelevant) this is what we are to believe. We are not worthy and we must always seek to be worthy.

Margery wants you to kill your inner ‘shrew’ – in fact,  you must ‘kill her and then…kill her all over again’ in order to remain properly submissive. While she tries to explain that a ‘shrew’ is actually just a passive aggressive drama wh**e, the real message is simple – Margery is better than you. Margery ‘can stand strong all by myself, shrews are cruel’.

Look, it’s a great message that there’s no need to be passy assy or an attention vulture. But does it really need to be based on being a good wife? Why can’t anything just be about being a good person for these anti-feminists?