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Mary Rambin Will Help You Get Drunk On Airplanes

Mary Rambin, hates airports, is no longer just complaining about airport food. Now she’s moved on to complaining about the quality of wine offered on airplanes.

Nine times out of ten, the wine they serve on airplanes (especially in coach) tastes like rubbing alcohol and gives you a headache after only one little bottle.  Can you tweet #notworthit?

Maybe I’m not enough of a wine snob, but when I reach the point where I’ll pay 5 dollars for 4 oz. of wine I really don’t care what it tastes like. By then I probably just want some alcohol in me. But for those of you who are enough of a snob, Mare Mare has a solution that in no way screams “wino in training”.

My tip: sit down at the bar, order a glass, be-friend the bartender, and then politely ask if you can have one to go in a paper coffee cup.  If they don’t serve coffee, you might have to hop over to the Starbucks next door, but when you’re popping off the lid at 30k feet, you’ll be glad you made the effort.

Ok, I love wine. But if you honestly can’t make it 4 hours on a plane without ensuring you have wine on you, you need to think about your life and your choices. Not to mention that the reason airlines don’t let people carry on 24 oz to go cups full of booze is because they don’t want to be halfway to Seattle trapped on a plane with a bombed out blonde chick. And the other passengers probably don’t want to deal with it either.

Good lord, Mare. I understand life is hard, but surely you can make it one day without a pinot grigio drip.