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Mckinli Hatch And Husband Are Making Blackface Great Again

Mckinli Hatch, wears bikinis, and her husband, a jock or something, are ready for Halloween. The two blonde haired caucasians formulated a racially sensitive and topical couples costume that brought attention to…wait, what the hell?


Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhh. Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhh. I uh…I’m about the least thoughtful person alive but even I know this costume is probably in really, really poor taste for two white people. Wow. I mean…kudos on being #brave and following your #dream or whatever.  Don’t let the costume haters keep you down! Wealthy white people costumes matter!

  1. Gladys Kravitz

    He could have added a blonde wig and gone as NPC McKinli.

  2. oh get over yourself Melanie


    • oh get over yourself Melanie


  3. Stinky Catniss

    Well Devan might not be big with posting on social media but his young little trophy wife has just bought him a lifetime membership to “the Internet is FOREVER” hall-of-shame Club!!! Sorry Mcki, Snapchat’s 24 hour life span isn’t short enough for what you post. What happens at private parties should stay PRIVATE! Mckinli has shown us what’s under her skirt and it ain’t pretty! Enough said….

  4. Suzy Bishop-Shakusky


  5. Snarls Snarkley


    And he’s right up there with her. How can a 40-year-old man, in 2016, not know that blackface is incredibly racist? Or does she seriously lead him around by the nose so much that he knows it’s incredibly racist, but goes along with it anyway so that she has an excuse to wear a skimpy costume? So gross.

    • biscuits and crazy

      A+ use of Jean Ralphio gif

    • justwhelmed

      This is also what I don’t understand. How can people in the actual 21st century still be doing blackface and “not know it is offensive”?? There are multiple cases of social media shaming every October. At this point, it isn’t ignorance. It is racism and the blackface-wearer doesn’t care.

      • Snarls Snarkley

        According to many of her Facebook friends, it’s not racist because a) it wasn’t meant to be racist, and b) it’s HALLOWEEN, duh!

        Also, Devan is the self-proclaimed “complete opposite of a racist,” so there you go. All better!

        • Salad Spinner of Fuck

          Yes, just like “Nobody respects women more than Donald Trump.”

          Whatever you say, Devan. .


      • Carelle

        I’d be curious about who’s “noping”, you racist POS

  6. Living Absolutely Selfishly and without Self Awareness

    I have too much faith in the world that I am shocked that there are grown adults in the world that don’t understand this is a racist thing to do. Awful.

    Cue backpedaling “but we have black friends!!!!!” excuse in 3, 2, 1….

    • Snarls Snarkley

      I’m 99.999% sure they don’t have a single black friend.

      • Storm

        If they know any black people, said black people are not their friends and think this couple is a pair of assholes.

      • Britt

        When the situation is so dire you have to become the black friend.

    • Saint Dorothy Mantooth

      I just saw an online checklist about offensive costumes and I rolled my eyes at the item about avoiding blackface (and similar makeup-to-change-your-race costumes). “Who needs to be told not to do blackface, in this day and age?” Then I came over to GOMI. Aw, man, even when you think you’re cynical about people, you get proven wrong. 🙁

  7. Coffee Toss Tramp Bitch

    She also Snapchats while driving, so it seems like she has really bad judgement all round.

    • Snarls Snarkley

      Also puts makeup on her four-year-old.

    • Jen


      Also, holy f**k these people are the worst.

  8. Convulsing Diaphragm, Uncontrollable Spasms

    Christ…just looked through that instagram….

    I can only imagine how much time she spends playing makeup artist to her daughter when she isn’t putting blackface on her husband. What is wrong with people?! And does she really spell her name Mckinli? Never mind…


    • Magically delicious

      Where’s Gob’s disappearing act, when we need one?

  9. JAF

    This actually makes me nauseous. Disgusting, racist, vile pieces of shit the both of them. I wish terrible things upon them both.

  10. Sloth Snuggling Sasquatch


  11. SnarkyCat

    2016 and some people are this ignorant smh

  12. Purple21

    Off topic… I scrolled through her IG and got really confused about the kids’ names – there’s an older boy she doesn’t photograph much and a baby boy called Tatum (which I thought was a girl’s name because of the actress) and I had to scroll back for ages to find out the girl who gets photographed the most is called Laikynn (maybe it’s just my Aussie accent, but does this rhyme with bacon???)

    • Snarls Snarkley

      Titan is the oldest boy (from her previous marriage), and yes, the little girl’s name rhymes with bacon.

    • Stinky Catniss

      lol – yes purple21 you are correct about the pronunciation! That’s a funny one!

    • DickMuffin

      She’s this twit you’ve probably seen around the internet dgjyif.jpg

      • MissMorland

        Good grief. Lakynn’s bad enough, but it looks like the poor kid got off easy. Taylee and Maylee are idiotic, and can you imagine little Nayvie going through middle and high school once her classmates found the Village People? So many “In the Navy” jokes.

        Then again, mom was raised by people who apparently thought “McKinli” was a good choice, so this family may just be doomed to stupid names unto the seventh generation or something.

        • Snarls Snarkley

          Get this – McKinli’s younger sister’s name is Mattisyn.

          • Snarls Snarkley

            Older sister is Whitni.

            • Stinky Catniss

              Whitni’s child is named Hadli –
              Mckinli’s mom has a low level YouTube channel that’s motivational oriented that displays a bit about the gene pool in which she was born into. Gag!

              • Snarls Snarkley

                I forgot about Hadli.

                McKinli’s mom seems like a b****.

              • Group Discount Lobotomy

                Good grief. Every one of those names is the worst. And I thought a teen girl I know named Tiereni (pronounced tyranny) had a silly one.

          • mama bird t-shirt

            I knew a name like McKinli had to come from Utah. Mattisyn is killing me.

      • Group Discount Lobotomy

        Mckarty. Really?

        If I weren’t lazy, I’d photoshop Ronald McDonald driving a go-kart full of McD’s food. Just pretend it’s here.

        • Snarls Snarkley

          Apparently it’s the name of her (former?) modeling agency, except spelled with a K to match McKinli. I … can’t even with any of that.

  13. roses

    Here’s a full body shot, if anyone is interested. Very racist and disturbing all around.