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“Mckmama” Bankruptcy Ends With A Whimper

Jennifer McKinney, the former, was forced by the Lord Himself more than 4 months ago to pay off her debts. Now, just days after her blog has finally gone offline, Mckdrama has signed a “waiver of discharge” and apparently agreed to pay off her creditors.

Blogger type Tracy says the bankruptcy “was almost certainly going to be denied anyway”, and is of the opinion that they “probably agreed to this in the hope that criminal charges would not be forthcoming” regarding possible attempts to deceive the bankruptcy court.

Regardless of the reasons, this is a pretty snooze inducing outcome considering all the arm waving and screeching that went on from both sides during all of this. But hey, maybe if they are charged with something they will pack up the kids and move to a non-extradition country. Just imagine the fictionalized accounts on Law & Order and Lifetime (“Never Gettin’ My Moneys: The Mckmama Back Taxes Story”), her finally opening a new blog in order to dispute the weight America’s Most Wanted described her at. Then we can see some REAL Mckdrama!