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MckMama Can Sell You Pills For Your Kids

MckMama, owes a bunch of money, can no longer sell sponsorships via her blog. Instead, she is paying off her debt with a new endeavor – selling products from Xyngular. In fact, Xyngular products are apparently such miracle working compounds that MckMama even recommends them for special needs kids:

Amazing opportunity to hear a call tonight (9 Central) all about Xyngular’s supplements (that I’ve used to help me lose weight) as they relate to special needs children!!

Hear testimonies from parents thankful for how these supplements have helped their children!

The call is live. I’ll be on it. You can just call in and listen, you’ll be muted. Easy, peasy.

I cannot wait to hear it!

Later she responds to those questioning the wisdom of marketing herbal supplements as something beneficial to special needs children:

I’m so excited about others whose children struggle with special needs or even everyday illness to hear how the vitamins have had a radical impact. If you’d heard some of the testimonies I have from close personal friends, you would be wanting to share with others who are open! Shame on us if we kept this natural approach working for so many as a secret from others! That’s why I’m spreading the word!

She conveniently never responds with any studies or data showing objective results of these pills on special needs kids, and brushes aside further probing about how the supplements are regulated by saying that “The FDA only regulates foods and drugs. These supplements are neither. The FDA did approve phen phen, however. I don’t use the FDA as my measuring stick, personally.”

I guess when you have a mountain of debt to pay back you’ll pretty much do anything to get the money coming in, even if it means selling snake oil to parents desperate to try anything for their kids.