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Mckmama Closing Her Blog

After scandals with bankruptcy court blogger Mckmama is shuttering her My Charming Kids blog for good.

Announcing that she and her husband Israel are once again living together, Mckmama says the time is “too perfect to pass up”, and gushes that they are looking forward to other things – a “new beginning” with more “love, adventures, excitement and maybe more children”.

Mckmama writes that she “could keep this blog if I wanted to, I guess”, claims she is “grateful for the years I had with this blog and unspeakably hopeful about the many years to come without it”, and reminds everyone to email her and follow her facebook page (I guess all that jazz about spending more time with God and her kids doesn’t cover social media).

Fans and anti-fans who have followed her financial troubles are privately of the opinion that this is being forced on her as part of her bankruptcy asset hand over, and are already whispering that she will have a new url and blog within months.