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MckMama Will Launch Her New Blog If You Make Her Look Like The Savior Of Kenya

MckMama, sells pills for autistic kids, wants to re-launch her blog. But she’s not going to do it unless you help her look like the White Savior of Kenya.


Yep, in order to raise her profile as a poverty tourist, Jennifer has refused to launch her new blog until 40 people agree to sponsor her pet village. She even claims she “won’t even post anything else to my Facebook wall except for updates on how the sponsorship is going until we get there”. She’s also holding her Instagram hostage.

Do you like my Instagram photos? Well I’m not going to post ANY more until we finish raising money for these sweet people in Kenya.

All I can say about this is…well, it must take a lot of self-importance to think this would spur people into sholeing out money.