Meanwhile, Around Twitter

First we get an example of cookbook author Gluten Free Girl‘s baking methods:

I’m not what you would call “a person who cooks”, but I’m fairly certain that “it varies” and “stick in oven and keep checking until it seems done” makes for a pretty shitty recipe. Shauna, there’s a reason people mock you and your cookbooks, and this is why.

Elsewhere Jessica Quirk, whose full-time What I Wore blog continues its slide into obscurity, posted this weirdly worded tweet:

Obviously she could be saying she has had a bad period of time spanning the last 24 hours. Taking into account Messica’s talents as a writer, we should probably not assume she’s complaining about a heavy flow or cramps.

And finally Tina, of Carrots N Cake fame, has finally scaled the summit of consumer perfection:

I don’t know what to say about this, other than it seems weird to call a sweater dress the ‘most important’ anything.

I should really stop checking twitter. The more I look around the more wtf I find.