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Melissa Will Moisten Chairs To Prove She Loves Herself

Melissa Ellis, (Official), posted an epic rant today informing the world she loves herself. She loves herself so much she will post a pic of herself leaving a clamsmear on what appears to be a dining room chair. Self-love wins!


Claiming she has been “been called Frankenstein and all sorts of other names” she goes on to valiantly declare she is “not interested in others options [sic] of my body” before diving in to her million scroll novella of self-acceptance.

This body is strong, healthy and courageous. This body now works out more days than it does not. This body enjoys healthy and natural foods. This body has transformed from the inside out. This body has been deemed “not good enough” by some. Good thing I’m not interested in others options of my body nor do I believe them. I am proud of my body. This body is mine. I love this body.

Seems like a nice sentiment and it would be fine on the gram with the usual visionary gaze magic hour gram pic. I’m not sure what the other 2500 words and emo teenager self-timer nude add to the message. I suppose it comes back to what a person in a weird documentary once said – if you don’t share it, what’s the point in experiencing it? If you’re gonna juice up the furniture you may as well pics or stfu, I guess.

  1. Herr Bangtown


    • Shauna's Chin

      Somewhere, there is an innocent bunny boiling on a stove.

  2. High Maintenance

    Thank you for covering her belly button.

  3. GoFundMe2point0

    I hate her so much that I can’t even hate-follow her.

    Here’s her body in all of its natural glory. Never mind the tummy tuck and lipo, bolt ons, facial injections, and sucking her belly for dear life.

    So inspiring.

    • a random manbun and friends

      The painfully obvious sucking in of the stomach seriously undermines her #sofierce #sobrave message.

    • Zosew

      wtf is wrong with her belly button? It’s terrifying.

  4. Ranch Scented Coffee Farts

    I think the ill-fitting eyeglasses add a nice touch as well

  5. galskap

    She looks like she’s trying to take a dump.


    you can’t “unsee it”
    moist is one of those words that should just die alone & never be uttered again
    MOIST. unless you are a cake, no moist.

  7. GoodbyeHello

    She’s nothing but a desperate BeachBody shiller. After a “free” BB vacation, where she did not participate in any BB activities whatsoever, and only spoke with one other BB coach who happened to run into her, her sales must have gone way down due to lack of product promotion on her IG. She had to do something to get attention, bless her heart.

    And are those glasses supposed to make her smart? In Prissy’s language: S-M-R-T.

  8. KipDynamite


    Oh my god. This is hilarious. Nice job throwing in that she was once called anorexic —- in your f’d up, dreams, Pissy. She really doesn’t get it. She thinks she just did something amazing to prove to da haterz how confident she is, when she just cones off even more desperate for attention and/or going through some crazy ass midlife crisis.

    So embarrassed for her. But, also entertained af.

  9. That's A LOT of negatives

    Guess who the single ‘nope’ is? If you guessed Melissa, you win! Prize to be determined at a later date..

  10. galskap

    Pissy, giving all those Nopes, I see.

  11. That's A LOT of negatives

    Random nope for each comment provided by…..

  12. Pajama Jeans

    If she loves her body so much…why did she need to get breast implants and a tummy tuck? Also, loving your body means taking care of it. So then why do her arms look like stuffed sausages? This naked basement photo is DAMP.

  13. GoFundMe2point0

    Hi Pissy! We see you hitting the “nope” button!