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MFAMB Thinks You People Need To Relax And Learn To Take Jokes And **** And ****

Jenny, of the He-Man can’t-you-people-take-a-joke club, is not sorry for her previous post. What previous post, you didn’t ask but I’m going to tell you about anyway? This post:

you know what i think sucks? that paula deen got fired. i think it’s bullshit is what i think. i am not a paula deen groupie, so let’s get that out of the way. nor am i a racist. and i don’t think she is either. in fact, I KNOW she isn’t. i don’t believe saying the ‘n’ word in a joke makes one a racist.

She blathers on for far too long about how racist jokes don’t make you a racist, and basically a whole lot of other crap proving she has no idea what the whole Paula Deen scandal was really about. When people started trying to enlighten her, she decided to issue a non-apology for her non-racism – complete with an image of her in crude blackface:

we incorrectly stated that during the learning process that we actually were sad that people were no longer receiving the mfamb gazette and it’s affiliates: pinterest, twitter, facedick and instagram. it has since come to our attention that we aren’t sad. in fact we will be sending you all a giant, steaming, oozing, pulsating bag of (racist) dicks to choke on.

Because nothing says classy non-racist like the words “bag of dicks” and claiming “we love black people” underneath a pic of yourself in blackface. This is a grown woman raising a child. Why do people think this behavior is cute?