Michael K Taking ‘Semi-Sabbatical’ From Dlisted

Michael K, the adorable man who saved online celebrity gossip after Perez turned it into an MSPaint smeared lawsuit festival, has announced he will be taking a break from Dlisted to focus on his health.

…I’ve been avoiding addressing this shit, but it’s time. Starting right now, I’m taking a semi-sabbatical…from writing on Dlisted for the rest of the summer to deal with health stuff, recharge my mushed-up brains…

Saying “it’s impossible for me to unplug from Dlisted completely” he assures readers that Dlisted will remain active.

I’m still going to do Hot s**t of the Day every day and will also cover highly important breaking news stories…and there may also be a little redesign coming soon-ish.

He also plans to “step into 2011 by doing Dlisted’s first podcast. You know, because there’s not enough of those in the world”.

  1. Geraldine Parsons Smith

    I heart Michael K so much! Hope he’s ok. Mentally sending him all the Mothers frosted animal crackers I can imagine.

  2. deranged and extra stupid organism

    Me, too!

  3. Laura

    I haven’t been able to visit Dlisted in months. Every time I do, I get corn popping up all over the place. I miss Dlisted!

  4. That's okay....because TACOS.

    Awww, you know I used to read Dlisted every damn day then stopped. Not even sure why. Hope he’s okay and I would absolutely listen to his podcast!

  5. Pam Poovey

    Nooooooo! Love him so much! Hope he comes back!

  6. Downward spiral into holiday obesity

    Michael K is such an absolute delight. Sending him unicorn sparkles and chicken cutlet hugs!

  7. Ghost of Chickens Past

    Get well soon, Michael K! One of the funniest writers around.

  8. Snarknado

    What happened to Perez?

    • Snarknado

      Why did this get Noped??? I used to read Perez back in the day but haven’t followed him in years. Genuinely curious.

  9. Juju Bee

    He’s done this before. He has by FAR always been superior to Perez.

  10. Rachel

    Michael K is the cutlets to my chicken. The backup writers get a C+ across the board from me. Get well Michael sending all the good vibes. We missyou!