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Moldovans Lose Appeal, Andrea Polito Might Be Writing A Book

Neely Moldovan, of Polito v. Moldovan fame, might want to hurry up and decorate that nursery while she still has money left. She and her husband, who last year went viral with their tales of drama concerning wedding photographer Andrea Polito, lost their appeal last month and things seem to be sliding straight into Craptown for the couple. A post by Brian Mullins states:

…Andrea and APP are waiting for a new court date to be set as the Appellate court decision to throw out the motion to dismiss has cleared the way for the lawsuit to proceed. The original cap of $1 million dollars no longer applies and the court can choose to award any monetary amount for punitive damages.

The author says this case should leave people “absolutely gutted that over a misunderstanding of $125, the clients and media felt it was okay to absolutely torch a business” simply to ““settle the score” through the ever elusive “viral” story”.

Andrea Polito is evidently moving on professionally – the post claims she is “finalizing a book which not only talks about what happened and how she dealt with the social shaming, but how she not only kept her head above water during a very difficult time”, and says she has “a few speaking engagements lined up to discuss how social shaming has affected her and how to move forward.”

  1. Leslie NOPE!


    Just this. I've been waiting all year to hear this news.

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    • Leslie NOPE!

      My effing inability to post photos is astounding. Just imagine the Michael Jackson eating popcorn GIF.

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      • I fixed it 🙂

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        • Leslie NOPE!

          God bless you, Alice. If only you could follow me around and fix all my f***-ups. 😉

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          • Right on Top of That Rose

            I mean I feel like this is a special occasion that calls for champers, darlings.


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  2. bernbabybern


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  3. Pluck Me Running


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  4. Miss Hamerica

    Couldn't have happened to a nicer couple.

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  5. Carefully Curated Collards

    How can I talk about this when #brangelina is no more??

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    • True love has died, there is not hope for anyone if those two can't make it. #ripbrangelina

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      • Headpats for Hygiene

        We still got the Obamas.

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  6. CantCantCant

    Team Andrea here, but is there really enough meat on this story to justify a whole book? I mean, I'm bored just thinking about it.

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    • Leslie NOPE!

      Agreed. 200 pages of legal briefings? Yawn. Although, I'm hoping there's a tawdry piece of the story we haven't heard yet, and maybe she'll disclose it in her book. (Doubt it. But I'd buy the book juuuuust to see.)

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    • It sounds like it's going to be one of those inspiring I Overcame 'memoirs' about how she...well, Overcame their 'smear campaign'. *shrug*

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      • (smear campaign quotes because someone else called it that, not in a sarcastic scare quotes way)

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    • Purple21

      Actually as a ghostwriter, I'm thinking she could get a 20,000 word book targeted at small business owners with some tips on protecting your business on social media. Don't know if it would be a super bestseller but there's definitely a market for it. She won't do herself any favors if she makes it a biography of how she overcame the evil witch Neely - people will just wonder about Neely's "side of the story" then.
      Lesson 1 - don't use your own name as the name of the business.
      Lesson 2 - the Moldovans are just horrible people who can only feel good by tearing someone else down.

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    • Snarkidoodle

      It'll still be better than any of that shilly drivel Neely writes on her blog.

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    • dmc

      Yes there is. Social media reviews have ruined some businesses. The federal government just passed a law that allows consumers to continue to post reviews without intimidation by businesses so this will keep happening. My guess is she won't just talk about just her experience but this phenomenon in general and then use herself as an example.

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  7. sonotamused

    I can't WAIT to read that super-inspiring book on how she overcame all those trials caused by her own selfish narcissism and stupidity.

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    • Suzy Bishop-Shakusky


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    • bernbabybern

      Is Neely writing a book too?

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    • oh, you

      Neely isn't writing the book, dear. The woman she illegally defamed is. Do keep up.

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      • Ja'Crispy

        Pretty sure Bern's comment was in response to Sonotamused's comment, and it was hilarious. Keep up.

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        • Oh, you

          As was mine. As the indentation on thread clearly shows.

          WTF is up with lack of comprehension today'?

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        • Heather Chandler

          WTF is up with the hamcat b****iness today? Jesus, fools.

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  8. Purple21

    I am so happy. Don't care if the book is a dud, I'm buying it for everyone for Christmas.

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    • the french fry queen

      I'm going to send a copy to Neely as a gift. It will be wrapped in the all the pleadings of the case.

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      • Convulsing Diaphragm, Uncontrollable Spasms


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        • Severus Snark

          Please accept this comment in lieu of the 243823 thises I can't give.

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      • polynomialpurebred

        I would only send Neely a copy if she were to pay $150 for the cover before I gave it to her!

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        • Purple21

          yes, but to be fair, she can choose the type of lace she wants on the cover.

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      • Another Day

        I will contribute financially to make this happen.
        100% serious.

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      • Bolivian Army Wedding Singer

        Hey,Neely! OohBurn.gif

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  9. glutenfreeloader

    So I clicked over to that article, which linked to the appellate court decision which I'm reading with much glee and franzia. I am just wondering how much the clerk of Justice Stoddart (because let's be honest, usually the clerks write these things) was dying laughing having to write things like "Neely owns a for-profit business called 'A Complete Waste of Makeup, LLC'...nothing will make your blog sound like a complete waste of your f***ing time than having have a juvenile name like that. And obviously anything called A Complete Waste of Makeup is FOR profit.. I can't imagine what kind of non-profit that would be hah! Classic.
    Man I wish I was APP's lawyer...I bet deposing Neely was f***ing awesome.

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  10. What is ACLU?

    So Andrea, you doing the newborn shoot or nah?

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    • Purple21

      Andrea's not available right now, but she's happy to refer you on to Jenna Cole Photography, where you will get the baby photos you deserve. No album cover, but Jenna will caption everything for you... and guaranteed delivery before the baby's 2nd birthday.

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      • i love chili dogs

        * guarantee subject to restrictions based on Jenna's flask volume and/or MEDICAL MARIJUANA supply

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  11. Sloth Snuggling Sasquatch

    It's just after 7am here, so I was initially baffled by the title of this post. "Moldovans, WTF? Someone's suing a country?"

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    • Princess Buttercup

      I kept thinking of Mannequin...

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      • boombalatty

        I always think of Dynasty...

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    • snarkaceratops

      Same here! Like, wtf.... the internet really has gone off the deep end now.

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  12. ItsItMint

    Surely, she didn't tweet a meme that suggests Angelina Jolie's divorce filing will provide Jennifer Aniston with closure when, very shortly, the lawsuit against Ms. Moldovan will provide Andrea Polito with closure?

    That seems a little lacking in awareness, even for someone who tweets 7 times in one day about Jen/Angelina/Brad and then wonders 'aloud', on the 7th, how long we are going to be hearing about Angie and Brad's divorce.

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  13. Babby Forming Despite Life-Threatening Heels


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