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Momastery Wants Your Constant Loving Gaze

Glennon, of Saint Lap fame, has expressed her gratitude and humility after an event with her worshipful lapostles. Oh wait, no she didn’t – she just wants everyone everywhere to have the palpitating fangirl slobbers when they look at her.


Some bloggers never do get over themselves, I guess.

  1. Betty Cruikshank

    My favorite comment is someone complimenting her on her "strong autograph-signing stance." SHE'S THE LARRY CRAIG OF BLOGGERS.

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  2. flugelhorn

    It's always sad when someone who occasionally makes some good points gets too sucked into their own ego and their own culture. I've always been off put by her Christianese language and cultivation of fans, but she admittedly puts on a good show in person. But the way she carries on about "warriors" makes me feel stabby.

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  3. Trudat

    I can't believe she actually said (wrote) that out loud. I've known she's thought it for years, admitting it and having fan girls confirm THEY ALL LOOK AT HER THAT WAY, is scary!!! She did say she wouldn't lie to herself any longer.

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  4. Carefully Curated Collards

    This is a great example of Donald Trump sarcasm.

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  5. concerntroll-101

    This picture makes me sad. Does that grown woman have so little in her life in the way of personal accomplishments that she's fangirling like a tween over a blogger? A BLOGGER? Lady, take a course at the learning annex, get out into the wild world and realize you really don't need to be near hyperventilation next to someone who spent a few 100 bucks on a WordPress theme and has hot takes.

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  6. Purple21

    Wow, I just read this comment on her IG photo:

    "Totally how I looked at you when I met you!!! [emoticon] Told you about losing my son, and you looked right into my eyes and CARED. Like, really cared, and felt actual empathy. And that is why I love you."

    Heartbroken for the woman who made that comment. What kind of people does she hang around with if she has to be so grateful that someone made eye contact and CARED that her son had died?

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  7. trashbreakfast

    Admittedly, I know nothing about why she is getting a divorce, but in my head, this sort of reaction probably doesn't help the relationships she does have in "real" life.

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  8. Dear In Headlights


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  9. What in the Sam Hill

    She is so in love with herself. That must be the real reason for her divorce-- no one can love Glennon as much as Glennon loves Glennon. Keep trying, drooling fangirls!

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  10. whatintheeverlovingfeck

    Scrolling through her IG account, I noticed that she has a lot of inspirational quotes in cutesy fonts with fun backgrounds. Nothing wrong with that, and some of them are pretty good. Then I noticed she quotes HERSELF like that. A lot. So I guess she places herself on par with Maya Angelou and Lao Tzu. That's always irked me when people do that.

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    • Storytelling Asshat

      THIS is exactly the thing that pushed her from SOMI to GOMI for me. Not only does she quote herself like that, she has that embedded tweet button in her blog posts when she says something particularly profound so you can easily tweet her wisdom. I feel like wisdom and humility go hand-in-hand - one can't exist without the other.

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    • MissMorland

      Aw, I used to do that. In my diary. When I was a very pretentious 13-year-old and thought I knew all there was to know about the meaning of life. So many deep thoughts I had.

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  11. yamiam

    I'll admit that I like Glennon and went to one of her talks when she was in my town last year. At the end of the talk people formed a line to hug with her. TO HUG HER. The estimated wait time was 2+ hours! Nope, just nope, no thank you.

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