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“Mommy Wants Vodka” Allegedly Charged With Two Felonies

Becky Harks, the human carnival who runs the blog “Mommy Wants Vodka” and an abuse/assault survivor site called Band Back Together, has been claiming for a while now that some stranger has been physically assaulting her. The first post apparently appeared in early May.


Now it seems Becky is claiming the police do not believe her multiple reports of these phantom men attacking her, informing facebook tonight:

Going to turn myself into the cops tonight who claim I filed a false report.

She has evidently again updated facebook, saying only:


In response to all this…whatever is going on, her “Pranksters” have started – you guessed it – a fundraiser!

This money will go to purchase video surveillance, mace and whatever else Aunt Becky needs to be safe!

She posted pics of herself with unexplained black eyes in April before going on to post pics of her bruised face on facebook in May, claiming she was being randomly assaulted. On May 8th she started calling herself “The Face of Assault”. According to sources, she has told multiple versions of the alleged assaults, and after comparing notes no one is sure what the real story is. The only thing we know for certain is that all of her posts about these events are not public on facebook, despite the fact that making this alleged travesty of justice public would probably produce an instant viral story, and probably help vindicate her as the public put pressure on the police to investigate the alleged assaults.

Who knows what is actually going on. This is some internets wtf if I ever saw it, though. Hooray, Friday mystery!

Update: From the court website search of her name: