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“Mommy Wants Vodka” Claiming More Danger

Aunt Becky of “Mommy Wants Vodka“, who has a hearing July 9th regarding her charges for filing false police reports, is back on Facebook today claiming she is still in danger.


Her solution?

I’ve decided to go for the ultimate in home security systems: a dog. These attacks have GOT to stop. Now on my agenda? Finding a crate for a large dog. Also: not dying, because obviously.

She goes on to ask ‘The Facebook’ where she can find an affordable dog crate before responding to other comments asking “What happened to the go fund me for you. Where are your cameras?”, “What happened to the cameras that were supposed to be put up in your home?”, and “Where is the money from go fund me?” by saying she doesn’t have the GoFundMe money yet because she has to first get a mailbox key from the post office (wtf?).

Then this evening Becky announced she had been fired today and seemingly blamed police involvement, saying “apparently being good enough wasn’t good enough during this bullCrap time. The lady detective called my boss.”

I do not even understand what is going on anymore with this person.