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Monica Will Copy Your Videos

Jaime Primak Sullivan, uploads videos on Facebook, recently discovered something very weird.


What she found was some random apparent wannabe Facebook blogger reciting her video content in her own video. Word for word. The woman, Monica Dominguez Alvarez, is shown in an edited video next to Jaime’s original as she tearfully tries to pass off some kind of ‘it gets better’ pep talk as her own.


Obviously Monica responded in a mature, apologetic manner. LOL JK of course she didn’t. She immediately began posting about how women should support each other before finally turning to pure bravado.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 10.29.14 AM

Jaime’s supporters are telling her to fire off cease and desist letters and report the videos, but is there even anything that can really be done about something like this? Other than public shaming, of course.

  1. Dowager Countess of NOPE

    Not an exact copy....2nd chick managed to keep her hand off her forehead.

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  2. Dowager Countess of NOPE

    Also, monica mc plagiarize, who brought you drama? The correct answer is you.

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  3. LunaLuxe

    Oh this is so common among the "millennials" or whatever they are called now online. They all are a bunch of frauds with no real personality and copy eachother all the time. Hello, Valentino Rockstuds and a million other things they all do. Currently it's the dancing blogger boomerang. They're so desperate!

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  4. Blusey Woman

    Isn't the originator one of the starts of Jersey Belle?

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    • BassGuitar

      I think she's the main character...and that show was so contrived. No surprise it didn't get picked up. I can't believe she's vlogging.

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  5. Billsburg

    What a couple of fruitcakes.

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  6. Walmart Sweatpants

    Why does the original do the hand/forehead thing? I mean your hand may land there during s talk but it shouldn't LIVE there.

    Plagiarizer keeps doing the "look up and away" thing which is supposedly a sign of dishonesty. Shocker.

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  7. Ladycoder Tantrums

    She's still at it...

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  8. BethyB

    Maybe it's just me, but my first through that it was some lame attempt at comedy or mocking, maybe an acting exercise? I've seen lots of videos like this as part of acting classes.

    This sure looks like she's trying to mock:

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  9. MsPeach

    I love Monica's profile pic vs her in the video.

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  10. Moose Knuckle

    This is incredible.

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