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“Mormon In Manhattan” Rebrands, Internet Continues Not To Care

Natalie Hill, the “Broadway star” behind the yawn farm Mormon In Manhattan, is no longer in Manhattan. She has moved to Utah – though like Jessica Quirk all those years ago, she is claiming she will keep a pied-à-terre in NYC – and in a few weeks she will be marrying that guy she met 6 months ago.

Yes kids, after 10 years of husband hunting ole Natalie has finally bagged herself a man. She has spent the last few months bragging about moving to some swanky part of Salt Lake City and having multiple engagement and bridal showers and filling up her registry.

Of course nothing is real until a blogger makes their new life official on the internet with a rebrand.


Mormon in Manhattan is becoming “Natalie Now“. Sure to be as fascinating as every other Mormon housewife blog, it is currently under “Rennovation”. So save the day, folks!

What’s that? You don’t care? Hey, slow news day, sorry.