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Roundup: Mother’s Day Edition

It’s Mother’s Day, and internet mommies are making sure you know they are mothers and have children which makes them mothers. Here’s a few of the things internet mommies did this week.

Dooce was off in New  York City again with her boyfriend earning herself another Iris Award for her selfless luncheoning on behalf of Every Mother Counts.

Gluten-free Girl posted an endless story highlighting her awesomeness as a mother because she diagnosed her daughter with gluten issues, and ended by once again shaming the planet for not catering to her food needs.

What I Wore‘s Messica ate donuts. Again.

KERF drank coffee in bed with her tablet, and got a bottle of perfume.

Emily Henderson managed to make the missing Nigerian girls about her, because she is a mom now, so she totally gets what those girls’ moms must be feeling I guess. Then she posted an instagram video of her son because pageviews.

Happy Mother’s Day, hams! I hope you get to enjoy some uninterrupted Franzia and snark today!