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Mr. Freckled Fox Won’t Let You Forget He Exists

Richard “Gunbun” Carmack, the replacement husband of the Freckled Fox, wants to remind everyone that he’s the husband now.

Emily posted Tuesday that she’d be going quiet on Wednesday to honor the husband she lost just 9 months ago.

I would post tomorrow, but I’ve been counting down to the 15th as it’ll be the 9 month anniversary of Martin’s passing, and I would prefer to keep the day special and focused on him as much as possible.

Her observance completed, her new husband lost no time in posting a photo of their wedding, presumably to celebrate their 6 month anniversary.


Of course Emily rapidly followed suit with her own instagram post, driving home yet again that everything is fine, she has totally been making the right decisions.

Every shattered heart deserves to be loved again. Every lonely soul deserves to be cherished. The timing of your life is completely up to you. Never let anyone tell you differently.

Well then. Nothing to see here, folks!