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Mr. Love Taza Wants You Children To Rethink How You Spend That Money

The Davis family took to the streets of this little city of theirs to celebrate the July 4th holiday week. Taza totally not-on-purpose outfit twinned that LaTonya chick. The kids posed for the requisite over the top red white and blue pics. And no holiday would be complete without the perfect Davis kids outshining some other random kids.

It started off with one of her classic attempts to make a boring story about Independence Day in the city sound like some kind of Frank Capra Summer Moment.

…we ran into two of the cutest little sisters ages 8 and 10 who had a little cookie and lemonade stand on the corner. we bought some of their cookies and lemonade and asked them about what they were going to do with all the money they earned. they were like, “well, we’re wanting to spruce up our room with a few new touches.” haha!

At this point Josh Davis, founder of a failed app and full-time blog husband, apparently thought it was time to jump in and side-eye the money making efforts of two children who at least would be spending the money on themselves and not paying the bills of the entire family.

josh asked them, “is there nothing else you’d want to spend $200 on besides a hanging chair!?” and the older one replied that she usually likes to earn money to donate it to charity…

Turns out this story was basically a way for Taza to remind everyone how her little nippers like, invented lemonade stand charity.

anyway, here’s a fun throwback to when samson and eleanor did a hot chocolate stand to help save the bats because i had totally forgotten about that until we passed these cute girls on the street and eleanor told them about her hot chocolate stand from last year!

Yeah, kids! Buy yourself some selfish reading nook chair! My kids know about true charity. Do you even Peru, bro?

  1. meet cue

    And after she was called out on how gross it was that a family who got everything they wanted for free was questioning little girls who worked for what they wanted, she deleted the mention of Josh asking the girls that in the original post. But, screenshots exist

  2. Final Penultimate Elegant Baby Turtle

    Josh really should have pulled those parents aside and told him about how the Taza kids are put to work in this city of theirs. It’s all about the audience of your message, Josh. Let E shame the kids. #peerpressure

  3. derp-a-lurk

    “Do you even Peru, bro?” <3 <3 <3

  4. SCC (not the rude one)

    Crap! I said I would never go to this blog again after seeing her ridiculous all-lowercase writing.

    At any rate…the comments! Do people actually care how others spend a holiday as mundane as the 4th of July?? Cheese and Rice…

  5. Going to the Boneyard on the Reg

    Yo, Josh:

  6. wilson

    They’ve really jumped the shark. On her Lake George and Saratoga Springs post, she wrote what sounded to me like a farewell. What do you think?
    “it was a wonderful week in the adirondacks. i hope you don’t mind me sharing some more photos from our time there last week. i feel really fortunate that at times we get to take special trips “for work,” especially when they often don’t ever really feel like work at all and we just get to have an incredible time together. this was one of those for sure.

    we were in the adirondacks and saratoga springs making a little video for a social media campaign (you can see it here and here) but we of course took a bunch of photos during our trip as well because that is just the blogger in me. actually, that is just me. because i was taking photos of each day long before i knew what the term blogger was and i pretty much intend to keep on snapping and documenting bits of life even if the blogging thing eventually comes to an end. one thing is for sure, i have so appreciated having this platform to share and it has been nothing short of an honor to ever have anyone interested in following along. i certainly hope to always have some sort of platform to share and connect with you, and just want to say thanks for being here, and continuing to be here. i really love you guys.”


      Unfortunately, I don’t think you should get your hopes up.

      • wilson

        I’m sure you’re right, but I was hopeful. It was still an odd thing for her to post, even if it wasn’t a farewell.

    • JAF

      Sounds like her views are down and this is her pathetic swan song.

      Color me shocked that the amazing tales of a man who hasn’t had a real job in years going around in a tie bullying children, a woman well past her dancing prime who does attentionwhoring leaps in various locations(totally unrehearsed- remember she’s shy!!!!), and three kids whose rotten behavior is no longer charming doesn’t generate enough income for a family of five.

      I actually think that Conrad being “off brand” is marvelous. It may force these assholes to stop their ridiculousness, and get real jobs.

  7. Torie

    These people are unbelievable.

    Josh is cringey AF and I’d be so embarrassed if I were Taza. Dude, you’re unemployed, pretend to have a job with the ties in public, and live off pictures of your children and wife. This walking definition of a mooch is telling young girls they shouldn’t buy whatever the hell they want with their hard-earned money. OKAY

  8. GobsmackedCelt

    They won’t leave off blogging for until they’ve wrung every single dime they can out of it and the income stream gets alarmingly low. But, it seems as if they might have noticed there is writing on the wall – the kids aging out of little kid cuteness, still a lot of competition from other, newer bloggers, their readers getting tired of seeing the repetitive activities month after month, year after year. It’s in their best interest to start getting a Plan B in place so it’s there when the blog income stops being enough.

    • JAF

      Josh is totally going to write about Eleanor’s first period and how he wasn’t embarrassed to go out and buy Tampax pads and Eleanor will say she has a brave papa and burst into tears how lucky she is! and at the end Naomi will thank Tampax for sponsoring her little family and post a photo with Tampax in focus and a blurry Eleanor sitting on the toilet in the background

  9. Hamilbread

    I don’t know this blog, but are they having financial trouble? Josh sounds jealous of the girls’ having $200.

  10. blisteringheat

    Why are they bragging about their kids’ half-assed, one-off attempt to save the bats and their half-assed, one-off dance performance for the poors?

    • wilson

      Naomi had forgotten all about saving the bats until that post about the shameful girls and their hanging chair! Sure she did. She probably tries to work that save the bats stand into any conversation she can. At least she doesn’t hold up the dancing for the poors as charity, now that would be shameful.

      • Authentic Family Journeyman

        And if they really want to do a follow-up, how about they show us all the bats that were saved by the hot-chocolate stand?

  11. You Can Taste the Vitamins

    I like how their entire net worth comes from dragging jet-lagged toddlers around the world to pose in Hunter boots over and over and over in 28C weather, but Mr. Taza is shocked at the idea of children spending the money they earn on, you know, kid things that the kids in question actually want and are willing to save for. 99.99% of the money the #LetThemBeLittles rake in from their photoshoots and videos generously goes to support the Ma and Pa Are Unemployable Foundation. The kids get things they want, sure, but only if it happens to be instagrammable and if they’re willing to give it up in a few weeks to make room for the next sponsored haul.

    Super cool if you want to get your own kids, or the kids you teach or mentor, into giving. Come up with a way to raise some money, ask them what causes they care about, help them learn how to find a reputable organization, help them find a way to get the money there. It’s a good lesson, but it’s not going to sit well if it comes via a strange man shaming you for wanting a f**king glittery Trollz lamp in your bedroom or whatever.

  12. This Little GOMIly of Mine

    I’m surprised Josh didn’t tell the girls that if they crank out their own kids as soon as they can, the kids can run the lemonade stand and you can just sit back and pocket the money! What a deal!

  13. Fleurfairy

    He seems like a complete dork. And not in the good way.