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Mr. Love Taza Wants You Children To Rethink How You Spend That Money

The Davis family took to the streets of this little city of theirs to celebrate the July 4th holiday week. Taza totally not-on-purpose outfit twinned that LaTonya chick. The kids posed for the requisite over the top red white and blue pics. And no holiday would be complete without the perfect Davis kids outshining some other random kids.

It started off with one of her classic attempts to make a boring story about Independence Day in the city sound like some kind of Frank Capra Summer Moment.

…we ran into two of the cutest little sisters ages 8 and 10 who had a little cookie and lemonade stand on the corner. we bought some of their cookies and lemonade and asked them about what they were going to do with all the money they earned. they were like, “well, we’re wanting to spruce up our room with a few new touches.” haha!

At this point Josh Davis, founder of a failed app and full-time blog husband, apparently thought it was time to jump in and side-eye the money making efforts of two children who at least would be spending the money on themselves and not paying the bills of the entire family.

josh asked them, “is there nothing else you’d want to spend $200 on besides a hanging chair!?” and the older one replied that she usually likes to earn money to donate it to charity…

Turns out this story was basically a way for Taza to remind everyone how her little nippers like, invented lemonade stand charity.

anyway, here’s a fun throwback to when samson and eleanor did a hot chocolate stand to help save the bats because i had totally forgotten about that until we passed these cute girls on the street and eleanor told them about her hot chocolate stand from last year!

Yeah, kids! Buy yourself some selfish reading nook chair! My kids know about true charity. Do you even Peru, bro?