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MRAs Celebrate “Fat Shaming Week”

just wow

Return of Kings, a site “for masculine men”, is currently celebrating the internet’s latest trending topic – “Fat Shaming Week”. In a post worthy of RoRo himself, they attempt to help men avoid the “mother of all of online-dating dangers” –  the “secret internet fatty”.

Their helpful list of signs to watch out for includes ‘Pictured with food or talks about “loving food”‘, ‘Has fat friends’, ‘Has sausage fingers’, and ‘Describes herself as “average” or “curvy”‘. And a big sign that a woman is a secret internet fatty:

You can’t see her collar bone.
One thing Myspace Angles and similar tricks can’t hide is the absence of a collar bone. If you can’t see it, she’s overweight.

Apparently “[a]voiding fatties requires a tremendous amount in work in 2013” and today’s men need to be protected from evil women who love food or utilize myspace angles. Thank goodness for Fat Shaming Week. Maybe some of us porkers will finally put down our forks and force our bodies to please the ever important male gaze!