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MWOP To Close Comments

MWOP, the site dedicated to documenting the antics of Jennifer “These Pills Help Autism” McKinney, has decided to follow in the steps of many other sites and close their comments.

Beginning with the new year, MWOP will transition from an interactive site to an information site. The commenting feature will be turned off and posts will no longer be published on a regular basis, but rather on an as-needed basis.

While some community members seem distraught at the news – saying “Mckmama wins again” – others seem resigned to the decision:

Honestly, this has been a long time coming. Perhaps if people could’ve kept to the FACTS and stopped the wild speculation we’d still be able to comment.

Admin Anja says the change is “necessary in order for the site to effectively convey information to readers without the distraction of comments”, and added that community members could email her in order to exchange contact information if they want to stay in touch.