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Natalie Jean Is “Honored” To “Look So Jewish”

As bloggers spent yesterday abusing instagram with overly staged and filtered images of their pinterest inspired dinners, Hey Natalie Jean The Fat Rat gave thanks for finally fulfilling “a lifelong dream” – letting a Jewish person think she’s Jewish:

so, i fulfilled a lifelong dream tonight! by columbus circle on jewish holidays there are always a group of hassidic men asking me if i’m jewish. i ALWAYS get asked (i suppose because i look jewish), and i always say no (i wish!), but i’ve always wanted to know what would happen if i said yes! so tonight when the nice hassidic man asked me if i was jewish, i said yes! well, no. actually brandon said “i’m not, but she is!” which was sweet. making a wife’s dream come true!
Saying that “being jewish would kick ass” she then expressed happiness that the portable Chanukah kit the Hasidic gentleman handed her “goes real nicely with the (electric) (blue) menorah we already have”. She then wished those of the “gorgeous faith” a “happy chanukah” and ended by saying she is “honored to look so jewish all the time”.