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Neely Has A List Of Must-Haves For You Working Women

Neely, sophisticated, educated, successful career woman, has shared her “Daily Must Haves” for you hardworking bidness ladies. She also provides insight into the hectic workaday life of a full time blogger.

I am a full time blogger and I also own my own Social Media Company. Both of these things have me on the go a lot and working from places such as my office, living room, bedroom, any local Coffee Shop(Ascension is my favorite) and sometimes my car at stoplights.

Apparently what she must have for her busy on-the-go lifestyle of moving between her living room and bedroom is the usual Kate Spade accessory eyeglasses, $25 dollar notebooks, a “fun and silly mug”, and some lip balm from that First Aid Beauty brand all the bloggers are currently creaming over.

Of course, she never says what she actually does all day that requires all this gear beyond the usual blogger vagueness of “meetings”. I mean…why is lip balm a business essential? Are her lips dry from all that trash talking other businesses?