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Neely Is Pregnant

Neely somebody, that blogger who is basically only known for slamming her wedding photographer, has announced she and her goblin husband are expecting.

Andrew and I are overjoyed to announce that baby BOY Moldovan will be joining our family in February. It’s been quite the journey to get here but we feel beyond blessed to be this little guys parents! #MiniMoldovan #OurMiracle

I really want to care about this but I don’t. Honestly doubt anyone else does either. All I can think is ‘sympathy ploy in the lawsuit game’. But hey, good job locking down your pregnancy hashtag!

  1. Another Day

    Oh Christ. This ought to be good… and by good I mean horrifying.

  2. irisheyes

    Wonder if she’ll hire her wedding photographer to do the maternity and newborn photos.

    Is there any photographer who will work with her? Guess the newborn photos will be on an iPhone.

    • Apologetically Feministy

      Maybe she’ll slam the photographer who’ll take her baby bump pics!

    • justwhelmed

      She’ll probably try to hire one for free because “exposure”

    • Guerilla in the Midst

      Countdown to pensive pics of her smiling at her ring hand on her exposed belly. Bonus points for Shrek on her shoulder with a shit eating grin.

  3. hamhammer

    Probably going to be a bit of a challenge to find anyone willing to take newborn photos for her (if that’s her thing, which I’m sure it is because, “blogger”). She’s probably been blacklisted from any photog who is decent in her area.

  4. Purple21

    I thought the same thing – good luck getting a baby photographer!

    • irisheyes

      I think JC Penney still has studios. That’s where I took my kids before anyone with a DSLR could put out a shingle.

  5. side-ing all the eyes

    Congratulations! If the little one has Mommy’s head for business, and Daddy’s looks, then…



  6. Hammyham

    Ugh … As a former teacher, I’d hate to have Goblin Moldovan in my class. I can only imagine what a nightmare his parents would be after what they had done to Andrea.

    • Apologetically Feministy

      They’ll probably sue the teacher if she/he gives him a bad grade

      • MissMorland

        Nah, just blast the teacher on her blog/insta/whatever, organize angry letters to the principal demanding the teacher be fired, and see if she can find a news outlet willing to do a story on poor defenceless children having their self-esteem ruined by bullying teachers.

        You know, like any reasonable parent would do.

        • Purple21

          Have you been reading the parent FB page for our school??!!! Punishing kids for wrongdoing just encourages other kids to tell on them, and that’s a form of bullying.

  7. the ghost of beverly past

    I do not follow this blogger so I am not sure if she has blogged about infertility… If she has not what the hell does she mean by “quite the journey”? Have they been married for years? I remember the original scandal was a year ago… Does one year qualify as a rough journey?

    • Minimanimalism

      I’m guessing it means she didn’t get pregnant the second she wanted to.

    • Purple21

      “Quite the journey” – for a minute there, she thought she’d be fronting court on slander charges without a pregnant belly to win sympathy points from the judge/ jury.

    • King James Virgin Only

      I wondered the same thing, ghost of beverly past! If your “journey” involved overcoming infertility, my heart goes out to you. But if your “journey” involved a few months of sweatin’ in the sheets, please shut up about it.

      • I dunno…if I had to f**k Shrek for a year in order to produce an heir I’d probably demand the Nobel Prize for Reproduction.

  8. Pineapples On Fleek

    I wonder who will wrong her for something related to this baby… and how she’ll “profit” off of it. Ugh.

  9. Pineapples On Fleek

    Also, it’s nice to see that Pregger Neely featured alcohol in two of her recent Instagram posts… :side eye:

  10. Fabricadabra

    So wait… how does she know it’s a boy? A february due date puts her at most 10 weeks prego, most times the sex can’t be determined until at least 20 weeks.

    • GotLotsaWrankles

      There’s a newish genetic defects test that can also determine gender at 10 weeks. I think it looks at chromosomes, which is more accurate than sonograms. My former coworker had one last year for her second kid.

      • Yeah, the genetic testing that can be done starting at about 10 weeks is becoming pretty standard. Seems like pretty much everyone knows the sex already when they announce at around the standard 12 weeks. (Source: I’m currently pregnant and know lots of pregnant people in real life and online.)

        • Laundered Sandwich

          She’s what barely 30. Unless she has some real medical reason to get the genetic testing, I don’t know how she got the screen. My OB ordered mine because I was 35 at the age of delivery. It was mandatory because of age. It should be noted that insurance companies often reject covering you for the test too. I was rejected and had to appeal it. So someone who was ordered by her doctor to have the test was rejected, how did her and Shrek get it?

          Just writing this is making me think that they had a good ultrasound tech or did those guess which gender bs women do on BabyCenter. This uber basic b**** would have pitched the biggest fit ever for having to pay out of pocket for a genetic test or appeal the process.

          • diluted brain

            I agree with you and was thinking the same. I’m 33 and 23w pregnant. I wasn’t offered the test and assume if I had wanted it, then I would’ve paid for it. I was accidentally charged the wrong code during 10w blood tests and had a $1500 bill. It’s getting corrected but I can’t imagine people so eager to find out that they get it done at 10w rather than wait for the 20w scan (or sooner)

          • gofundmycat

            I was 29 and it was offered to me for peace of mind. I think a lot of women have it done knowing they’ll find out the sex of the baby sooner. I declined to have it done.

    • Another Day

      I wondered this too, was sitting here trying to do the math while the comments loaded.

    • Purple21

      Well, if they ordered a boy and it turns out to be a girl, there will be hell to pay. Can’t wait until she goes running to NBC with this complaint.

      • Ooops

        Crap, fat fingers hit the wrong button on screen. Definitely meant to be a THISSSSSSSSSS!

    • resident asshole

      …if they did IVF?

      • concerntroll-101

        Considering the short amount of time they’ve been married, that would be an incredibly short and successful IVF, not really “quite a journey” worthwhile. Of course, this is a blogger who shits her shorts with glee over Pringles cans on the go, so YMMV.

        • resident asshole

          fair enough. though, worth noting – a lot of people who have genetic conditions or know they are carriers will begin the IVF process early on (instead of going through failed pregnancies, as in cases of general infertility). not saying that’s the case with newly, but it does happen. a friend of mine didn’t even bother trying to get pregnant naturally – she has beta thalassemia – and dove right into IVF after getting married. she had her daughter 16 months later, i think? it was very quick.

  11. not my baby framed sonogram picture

    Did she block people from her blog who access it from the instagram link in the original post? I get an error.

    • Garden fresh salmon

      It’s believed that her husband has blocked IP addresses that have a history from gomi. Not sure if this is possible or true but some people are blocked when on wifi and are able to view from cell phone data. Her blog is not worth the data usage.

  12. Pluck Me Running

    “Dis Gon B Gud”

  13. Covered in Dog Hair

    “I really want to care about this but I don’t.” Has been making me giggle since yesterday.