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Neely Moldovan Will Allegedly Trash Talk Your Business

Neely, the most special snowflake to ever go unjustly ignored in the blizzard of blogland, has apparently spent the past week slamming her wedding photographer all over creation. Taking her ‘story’ straight to NBC, Neelykins got herself interviewed for that thar real teevee.

Though the photographer, Andrea Polito, responded to requests from NBC describing the situation and offering proof in her defense, media outlets around the country went with the “wronged bride” angle. This of course caused thousands of people to pile on Andrea as some kind of wedding dream destroyer – even taking to her Yelp page to post AIDS jokes – while Neely allegedly went around liking commentary from her supporters (Update: Neely now claims this was not her and must have been an impersonator).


Finally Andrea posted a response on her own blog in an attempt to slow the persecution, stating there are emails which prove Neely’s claims false.

The story you are not hearing is that it was only last week when the bride claimed to realize that, per our contract, welcome packet, and emails, she would not get her wedding images until her album was completed. This conflicts with the numerous emails in which we clearly reiterated what is stated in the contract…

After a few days the tide began to turn in Andrea’s favor. Suddenly Neely did a 180 on trash talking people.


Neely had also posted tweets and instagrams about ‘justice’ being ‘served’, now all suddenly deleted after whispers of a lawsuit began going around. But she did of course post a nice Everyone’s Just Jealous quote to replace the removed ones, because that’s how bloggers cope.

  1. Thumper

    I really hope that Andrea sues this b****. And the reporter should be fired.

    • Aww, Some Sauce!

      She should also sue the f**king reporter.

      • Thumper

        So true. I surely would.

      • I will fucking shoot you

        Have you read the reviews on the NBC DFW Facebook page?

      • Ally

        She really needs to. This childish woman has ruined a business. All for what? 15 minutes of fame? Meanwhile her reputation and online ranking are terrible. Sounds like defamation and slander…

    • Affiliate Lynx

      OK, I don’t really know much legally, but can the lawyer-hams tell me if she does have standing to sue?


      Defamation of Character?

      • Affiliate Lynx

        Note: I hope Andrea is able to sue, I just have no idea if she actually does. #teamandrea

      • Deformation of Character

        So, I’m an attorney, but do not specialize in torts (and it’s a state-based law so it varies from state to state), obviously don’t know ALL the facts of this case, and haven’t researched how tort law has caught up with the internet, if at all. However, if this photographer walked into my office asking for legal advice I would totally be researching the case law.

      • minorkey

        I’m an attorney and I’ve done some First Amendment-related work. She abso-goddamn-lutely can sue for defamation. It’s like *textbook* defamatory: published statement, known to be false by the writer/speaker, that caused actual harm to reputation.

        Only issue would be whether she could really collect damages from this asshole. If not, not worth the $$ to sue.

        • Along for the Ride

          Attorney? If so, you should be ashamed. There is no First Amendment anywhere near this. It is simply contract law. On paper and signed, that is all that matters.

          • whocares

            Well, you certainly aren’t. Just because a contract is involved doesn’t restrict any related claims to contract law.

            The photographer’s claim against the bride is of defamation, and indeed this is a text-book case. Because defamation is a tort involving speech, of course there are First Amendment issues involved.

            • Along for the Ride

              Are you really that stupid? If and when, which will be never, the photographer files any law-suit of any kind, then get back to me. Until then it is simply she said , no she said, in the arena of public domain. Which is the last place this photographer should want her case to be tried.

              • First Amendment

                Along for the Ride:

                The photographer has a case against Neely Moldovan and her husband based on the actions of Neely Moldovan and her husband in publishing false statements about her and her business. It has nothing to do with the contract. You can’t make false statements that are intended to harm someone’s business, or defame their person to third parties. There are First Amendment implications because generally in this country we are free to say whatever we like, with exception. Defamation is an exception.

                I assume you are not an attorney, so I will give you the benefit of the doubt. However you should realize that attorney’s go to law school for three years, obtain a doctorate level degree, and then enter an extremely complicated and difficult to comprehend practice, especially those who practice constitutional law. Accordingly, you should think twice before publicly challenging the statement of an attorney, as you make yourself look kind of like an arse when you do.


              • This right here

                O RLY? Because request for deposition has already begun.

                (Hint: People don’t generally file for depositions unless they think they have a pretty great case, which of course they do, for all the reasons that First Amendment so kindly outlined while we were all rolling our eyes at your straight up ignorance).

    • Guerilla in the Midst

      I would tip the process server $100 to sing “But it’s too late to say you’re sorry, how would I know why should I care” as he handed her the papers.

      • jibbajabba

        Make that $200

      • TurkeyVulture

        Oh, god. I would volunteer to serve, just for the privilege of doing that.

        • Pluck Me Running

          Make that $300, and send Ms Polito the photo. 🙂

  2. Heather Chandler

    I’d love to read the pleadings when this lawsuit is inevitably filed. Her answer to the complaint will make my entire year. I’ll get drunk and post a play-by-play for you hamb****es.

    So sorry, so fat, so legal.

    • Crap Weasel

      I agree and I’ll gladly read them. Now I really do want to see how “justice is served” and if Neely is “doing the right thing.”

    • Having Death For Fun

      All of this. Andrea Polito needs to sue the pants off of Neely and any news outlet that covered this. Bloggers are inherently stupid.

      • kyzmet

        I want Judge Judy to hear this case, she always nails the whiners. Go Judy!

  3. valentina1986

    And I cannot wait for this drunken play by play!

  4. valentina1986

    Does she read this page?

    • Crap Weasel

      Most definitely. She’s corrected errors in blog posts that we’re pointed out on her thread just minutes later.

      • NormalSnowflake

        Definitely…she was bragging/complaining on how this story was all over GOMI.

      • I will fucking shoot you

        It was posted on her Facebook page and it’s erased now. She knows.

    • Thumper

      She tweeted about GOMI just the other day.

  5. the ghost of beverly past

    This bride was more interested in getting her “story” to the news than she was about getting her photos. She is an attention wh**e and it is sad that a business was potentially damaged by her bullshit.. #TeamAndrea

    • tastycasserole

      #teamandrea here too. Andrea Polito is a classy lady. The bride/blogger – true colours shining through.

  6. Shannon

    Does anyone know if Andrea is going to sue? I’ve seen a few people around here say they are friends of hers.

    • It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

      I just now looked at her FB page & noticed that we have a couple of ‘mutual friends’ (who might just be ‘client = FB friend’), so, if I can & do find anything out, I’ll shoot PP a whatever.

      This is all local to my neck of the woods, & I remember when it aired last week ~ I didn’t even listen to the entire segment though, because Neely Moldovan’s vocal fry was too annoying to listen to ~ interesting to learn that the screechy little whiner is backpedaling now.

      Shame on Scott Gordon & NBC5 for not being more diligent about facts prior to besmirching someone’s hard-earned & valuable reputation ~ truth be known, our local Fox News station is consistently more better & moree accurate than the local NBC & ABC affiliates (IMHO, anyway), so this doesn’t surprise me.

      • It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

        ‘… better & more accurate’, I mean to say. Aiyee

      • Shannon

        I would love to be able to see her in public one day and throw trash at her.

        On the local NBC page, a lot of the 1 star comments [Click here for GOMI’s Comment Policy] are of the nature of “Fox News is more fair and balance than u.”

  7. Princess Skittlevomit


  8. Crap Weasel

    This shit moves her from being incompetent/annoying into being a bad person for me.

  9. Heather Chandler

    I feel like this could be a b-school case study on how a “social media expert” should NOT use the internet.

  10. wtf

    most reprehensible thing I have ever seen a blogger do.

  11. I will fucking shoot you

    Her name is in every photography forum, I hope she doesn’t need a photographer any time soon. We hate the b****.

    • Shannon

      You know some faux will take her on and maybe even squee over the publicity they’re gonna get.

    • Must Love Digs

      I bet ThatWife will still take her as a client.

      • Sarah Ate Two Tacos But I, Kath, Only Ate One

        I laughed so hard.

      • TurkeyVulture

        Hahahha. Me, too, Sarah Ate Two Tacos. Straight-up lolling over here.

    • Cacao!

      She’s a blogger. I’m sure she has a million friends that are omgphotographers because hubs bought them a dslr for Christmas.

    • CraftingWithCatHair

      Knowing you’re a photographer adds a whole ‘nother level of awesome to your username choice!

      • watery highball

        I know, right? I hope that’s the name of her business!

  12. I Need a Beef Taco

    This chic must be crazy and in high school still. Do adult women really Macy this way?

    • Cruelsound

      f**king Macy.

      • Affiliate Lynx

        Aww, I would “This” this comment so hard if I could.

        • JaCrispy

          I think I missed something somewhere, although I don’t know how that’s possible. Why has this-ing been disabled??

  13. what in the what

    I had never heard of this woman before, but just the brief shots of her mugging and simpering in her wedding video inspired an instant hate-on.

    • Crap Weasel

      instant hate-on is a fabulous user name. Anyone know if it’s taken?

      • Fran

        Notice how her Instagram is now private… Hmmmm. My guess is now she knows how it feels when karma bites you hard.