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Old Joy Possibly Leaving The House That Made Her Popular

Old Joy, one of the top four ‘white walls and babies’ instagram clones (other members include Mama Watters, Amelia, and Burtsbrisplease), announced she and her family are leaving the gram palace that helped shoot her to popularity.

She addressed the move in a series of snapchats yesterday, saying “people are asking where we’re moving, and the truth is we have no idea” before going on to explain that the reason for the move is they “found out while we were on vacation that my husband lost his job”.

Basically we are terrified…we have no idea what the future’s going to hold…

She went on to reveal they are selling her husband’s record collection and added “real life isn’t glamorous, real life is scary…but everything’s gonna be ok”.

The announcement sparked questions over whether the faux prairie mama bubble is bursting, and highlights the shaky reality of a trendy ‘perfect life’ as seen through a gram filter.

  1. I like to watch Dr Phil drunk

    every time I see @burtsbrisplease, I can't help but think of the South Park episode, "Ike's Wee Wee."

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  2. Cat Benetar

    I have no idea who this blogger is, but her situation sounds awful. I love GOMI and I feel like a lot of the snark is not only warranted, but can seriously be used for good. But I will never snark on a family going through a real, legit crisis. Losing a job, and your family home, ugh, it makes my tummy hurt thinking about it.

    But I totally agree that this is an example of the real life that goes on behind the picture perfect (literally) lives many people portray on Social Media. And as social media continues to change and evolve, its entirely possible these blogging moms might not be able to continue supporting their family by curating their internet lives for clicks.

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    • Yeah it def sucks and I do really feel sorry for her. But I also think it's an interesting discussion - how effortlessly 'perfect' these aspirational instagram mama's lives really are, especially since so much of the conversation seems to be about how they afford these perfectly curated lifestyles.

      If that makes sense.

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      • Barb

        It is interesting. I hate that they are going through it, but kudos to her for just being honest about it. Shit happens and even the great social media beast can't stop that. I'll take relatable over influential any day.

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    • Ja'Crispy

      I absolutely agree, I would never make fun of a family going through a rough time like this. But GOMI isn't always about the snark, sometimes it's just discussing, analyzing, wondering, and I feel comfortable with that because these bloggers make their lives so public. If someone had overheard a private conversation in a restaurant it would be different.

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    • ActualRunner

      I will snark on an adult using the word Tummy in an adult conversation.

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      • Cat Benetar

        So SO sorry. Please forgive me. Which do you prefer? Stomach? Gut? Abdomen? Belly? Grumble fort? Middle? Insides? Breadbasket? Paunch? Pot? Solar plexus? Spare tire?

        It's important you clarify, because I really enjoy participating in adult conversations.

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    • Wait..What?

      I feel awful for them. They must be horribly overextended if they are selling possessions already. I cannot even imagine what "perfection" costs.

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  3. D

    I'm actually surprised a blogger/vlogger/instagrammer whatever admitted the hard truth and didn't try to skew it as some sort of edgy downsizing trend. I kind of give them credit for proactively trying to stave off financial ruin. Many people would hold on to their houses far past when they should have sold. Now's the time if they are going to do it instead of waiting till winter. I wish them luck.

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  4. Whereissanity

    It's sad but certainly highlights how social media is changing the outlook on what reality really is...if that makes sense. I wouldn't wish the hardships which come with being laid off and having children in tow. I've lived it...and still gives me nightmares. But I agree, it's best to downsize now than later.

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  5. Porny LaRue

    I hope to god this bubble IS bursting because it's the height of irresponsibility to have children and live so far above your means that the minute your husband loses his job you have to liquidate all of your assets... And the only thing MORE irresponsible is trying to inspire others to do it too...

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    • Boing said Zebedee

      I was shocked at that. You must be seriously living above your means to have to sell up straight away. I don't know anyone who has had to do that even during the height of the recession. I hope some people do learn from this. I see so many vloggers/bloggers buy a huge house for their first home and then immediately spend a fortune on furniture and trinkets etc etc. Seriously guys, work on your emergency fund first and then have some fun. Besides I would rather see an imaginative blog about a person making the best of a small space and secondhand furniture than someone just buying the supposed perfect life.

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      • Porny LaRue

        It's all about having a show house now...can you imagine being in your mid/late 20's or early thirties and already having a picture perfect house? I used to wonder what the hell these people have to work toward- but now I suspect many of them have to work very hard at keeping it...

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  6. Midwest Liberal Commoner

    Her husband can't get another job quickly? It seems extreme to sell their house as a first step towards saving money...they have to live somewhere...and certainly he can find something to get by? Or are they living in a crazy expensive area?

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    • Apeeling Attire

      Pure speculation here, but I wonder if they were already in trouble re: the house. I had a friend do this exact thing: her husband lost his job and within days, they were selling the house. Turns out they were already a few months behind on payments and, after the job loss, they decided to go ahead and sell it in order to make a little money, rather than having it go into foreclosure and lose any chance to profit.

      That might not be at all what's going on here, of course, but reading this on GOMI today reminded me of my friend's situation.

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    • KAS

      It does seem super extreme, like the decision you'd make only if you had been living paycheck-to-paycheck and didn't have a rainy day fund.

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      • Purple21

        I agree. We live in an area, where people are paid well but getting retrenched is an occupational hazard. It is impossible to guess anyone's actual financial status from the way they live... until they get retrenched. My husband has been retrenched three times, and we can bunker down and be thankful that we have a manageable mortgage; while others in more IG-worthy homes turn out to be renting and/or deeply in debt and have to move quickly.
        My heart breaks for anyone who has the stress of sudden unemployment plus the relationship upheaval that comes with a sudden changing of roles - throw moving house on top of all that stress and it must be a nightmare.

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  7. Case of the Sadz

    I was unfamiliar with her, but just scrolled through her Instagram and was like OMG she's from Dayton Ohio. I recognized a few places she took pictures. My husband and I moved to Philly from Dayton about 6 months ago. We just spent the last 2 hours zillowing houses in Dayton because we're considering moving back. (super low cost of living.) So - I was sort of feeling bad for this girl but also wondering if a great house was about to come on the market.

    @midwest liberal commoner - it's not at all an expensive area. Although I think I can guess her neighborhood based on her house pics and it is one of the nicer/more expensive parts of one of the cheapest cities in the US.

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  8. oh, you

    There really should be a tippy top of Maslow's heirarchy of needs, which is self indulgence. Unless you have completely fulfilled the bottom rungs, you don't get to waste money on what will look nice on IG.


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    • urban gypsy

      Really interesting that you bring this up. I'm thinking IG show-offing with big house and fancy stuff fits into esteem needs, no?

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      • oh, you

        Maslow was referring to accomplishments that the person creates for themselves through hard work (gold metal in a competition, getting to put PhD at the end of their name through 10 years of scholarly study, etc). This level was originally designed as the worth that a person feels they are contributing to the world.

        The idea of contributing nothing to the world but a photo of a white wall and a beige blanket and calling that fulfilment of self-esteem would have probably horrified Maslow,

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    • Apeeling Attire

      LOL, based on my experience with 20-somethings in my college town, they put self-actualization right at the bottom. Who cares about trivial things like having a place to sleep and food to eat? THEY ARE CREATIVES, MAN. THEY HAVE DREAMS. They WILL rack up credit card debt and damn the consequences, because the bliss is out there, and it must be followed.

      (Also their parents will keep bailing them out financially but that is neither here nor there because they are free spirits who must create!)

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      • i love chili dogs

        I'm a twentysomething and sometimes I just want to tell my peers what Mark tells Jez on Peep Show when Jez discusses his music career: "It isn't going to happen. NOTHING you want is EVER going to happen."

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        • Losing Weight For Jesus

          I think that every time I watch Jane the Virgin and Xiomara talks about her singing career dream.

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          • Jan74 smells like hashtags

            At some point, it has to be ok to admit that you are just going to be a working stiff who does community theater or sings on Saturday nights, you know? Follow your dreams, just don't expect your dreams to be your fulltime job.

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            • Apeeling Attire

              Word. If your bliss nets you a decent salary + benefits, than bliss on, guy! But otherwise, maybe make your bliss into a hobby, like everyone else, and focus on becoming a self-sustaining adult who can pay his own bills.

              Also, I swear to God, if I hear one more millennial self-describe as "A Creative", I will throat-punch. You are only a creative when you have actually created something. You are not a creative because you are always late, because you are flaky and irresponsible, because you wear flow-y peasant skirts and have the a tattoo of Africa on your are a creative when you make something new and send it out into the world.

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      • oh, you

        If those college kids manage to rope someone into marriage via a That Wife PowerPoint proposal, their bullshit light chasing artistry can propel them right into sad middle age! Woo-hoo!

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  9. Toothpaste

    I feel so bad for them, especially with all those little kids. I live near that bit of Ohio, too, and this area has never fully recovered from the recession. Although really, has anywhere besides the wealthy coastal cities? I had something similar happen when I was single and just graduated from college. The fear can be really traumatic.

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  10. prettyponies

    I call bullshit. Yeah maybe her husband lost his job and they're taking this chance to spin it, play the fan girls and get some sponsorships/ad revenue rolling in. Like now that he's jobless she just had to start doing sponsored posts and *poof* now they show up in their #lessismore farmhouse in a couple months? Yes, I'm heartless. But that woman is shopping at Target today. So if they are so desperate and are immediately selling records and packing up why the hell is she snapping her shopping trips. Serious disconnect with reality.

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  11. prettyponies

    I call bullshit. Yeah, maybe husband did lose his job. And maybe they are taking this as an opp to jump on all those people banging down Old Joy's door, so that she just has no choice but to sponsor every post and then oops before you know it she's living in the white wall/wood accent farmhouse she's lusted for and her prairie mama heart can be all #lessismore, guys. I'm heartless, I know. But when I see her shopping at Target buying throw pillows I have serious doubts that it's a true state of emergency they sell the record collection and put the house on the market. She seems like she has a disconnect with reality.

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  12. Ohnei

    "The house that made her popular" How??? That house has zero character and zero charm. Not to mention, it's way too big for them and they have about 2-3 pieces of furniture in each room. Soooooo inspirational. :eye roll:

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  13. Losing Weight For Jesus

    New to OJ but I did read her whole thread and still can't tell if she makes money off all her social media presence. No, right?

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    • prettyponies

      I have been following her for awhile and can't tell if she's making money. She doesn't do #sponsored or #ad on any of her posts. Isn't there some FCC law that says you must disclose if something is an ad, or given for free? Her husband made a comment on his fb awhile ago that "Kristen is busy working full time with her instagram and snapchat" Sje posted a giveaway today in connection with some kids clothing store in jersey. That can't be that lucrative, right? Otherwise I don't know how she's monetizing that shit.

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