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Glennon Doyle Melton And Abby Wambach Are Now Married

Glennon finally nailed herself down a semi-celebrity spouse, and she certainly wasted no time telling everyone about it.

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Jessica Quirk Has Bought A ‘Farmhouse’

What I Wore, she lived in Brooklyn once, has decided even Bloomtucky Indiana is too ‘city’ for the likes of her.

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Taza Will Move Her Family

Taza, of the Von Derp Family blog performers, has announced in her usual overwordy way that she and her husband have rethought their living situation. Apparently cramming 2 adults and an ever-growing personal child army into 700 square feet is wearing a bit thin and it’s time to upgrade.

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Melissa Will Moisten Chairs To Prove She Loves Herself

Melissa Ellis, (Official), posted an epic rant today informing the world she loves herself. She loves herself so much she will post a pic of herself leaving a clamsmear on what appears to be a dining room chair. Self-love wins!

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What I Wore No Longer Really Cares About What She Wears

Jessica Quirk, ‘queen’ and ‘mommy’, has spent the past decade trying to make herself happen in an industry that is all about appearances. Well now she’s decided she doesn’t care about any of that.

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Two Of The DaddyOFive Children Returned To Biological Mother

Mike Martin, the DaddyOFive who claimed his channel was totes fake, has lost custody of two of his children after their biological mother accused him of child abuse.

In a video posted today by biological mother Rose, she states

Emma and Cody are with me. I have emergency custody. They’re doing good.

Evidently around the time ole Mike was making the morning show television rounds last Friday Rose and her lawyer were in court obtaining the emergency custody order. Her lawyer says the kids are “in a sort of deprogramming mode” and their mom adds the kids are “happy to be home” despite her son claiming that DaddyOFive told him that his mother   “threw him away like he was garbage and I just didn’t love him no more”.

Emergency custody is usually “temporary, pending further case review”.



Dear New York MSHELLLLL Thinks Your 9/11 Memorial Is A ‘Must’ See

Michelle Bishop, d-list instagrammer and pregnant American, recently visited NYC and did all the tourist things. She saw the Statue of Liberty. She ate pizza. She walked around Times Square. She took smiling selfies at the 9/11 Memorial.

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