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CaitlinHTP Knows How To Use The Science

Caitlin, of the Healthy Tipping Point blog, recently announced she was joining the Blogger Babies 2012 army with two posts announcing, and then expanding on, her new pregnancy. Because the story of taking the test is itself fantastic blog fodder, Caitlin detailed her experience:

Six days before my period, I POASed (peed on a stick), thought it was negative because a line didn’t immediately appear, and tossed it in the trash.  Then, ten minutes later, I thought, “Hmmm.  Maybe I should re-check.”  So I dug it out of the trash and – lo and behold – a very, very faint line was there! I proceeded to POAS four more times. The Husband wasn’t home, so I was flippin’ out all by myself.

Still unsure of the results provided by a test designed to let you know for sure, she did the only thing a blogger can do when their husband isn’t home – ask other bloggers for advice:

I immediately g-chatted Ashley and Kath and e-mailed Jen, as being all by myself and wondering if it was real was TERRIBLE!  I moaned to Ashley, “I just wish I had kept a negative stick as a control to compare this faint line to!” and she jokingly suggested I use the only other female in the house – my dog Maggie – as a control.  She was totally kidding, but I thought she was a genius.  I raced Maggie outside, convinced her to pee in a cup, and tested her urine.  And – as you guessed it – she was not pregnant… but I was!   Yes.  I am the crazy person who used her dog’s urine as a control.

Yes, you read that correctly- she literally collected her dog’s urine in a red solo cup and dipped a pregnancy test into it. And because she’s a blogger, photographic proof of the exercise was of course required.

To read the whole TMI FAQ about her healthy tipping fetus, click here. Or just pretend she simply announced it, thanked her readers for their support, and moved on with her day. You know, instead of acting like she’s Angelina Jolie with the entire internet breathlessly interested in the fact that she managed to accomplish a biological process.


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Gala Darling Hires Assistant, Because Why Not

Gala Darling, claims she makes $100k a year just for being Gala Darling, has a hectic schedule. After almost five years spent turning her livejournal into a blog, sucking up to Betsey Johnson, and bouncing from man to man until finally one caved and got her citizenship put a ring on it, the super blog celebrity that 500 people have heard of has finally hired some much needed help:

GREETINGS from frigid New York City!

It’s been very busy over here. One of my biggest pieces of news is that I hired an assistant, who is now known around these parts as Saint Lydia. She is seriously saving my life these days! We’ve been having fast & furious brainstorming sessions over cups of lavender earl grey tea, shooting photos all over the East Village & performing what has essentially been an exorcism on my office! It’s so, so good to have someone else helping me out. I’ve been doing this totally alone for almost five years (!!!), so this is a majorly needed adjustment. So good!

Um…ok, look. What in the F*(K do bloggers need assistants for? To take their vanity pics? It’s not like Gala is maintaining some vast blog empire here. She does a couple of HUG YOURSELF TODAY! PINK! GLITTER! MY LIFE IS FUN! posts, updates her tumblr, tweets, facebooks. I guess I’m just not understanding how someone whose sole job is posting motivational “you’re awesome and I love you” crap requires help. Beyond being some sort of status, “I’m so important and busy” thing, it seems like more of an “I’m married to a rich dude now and I need a personal lackey” indulgence.

And I’ll just assume by the word “hired” that she’s paying this poor girl. If not this is just NonSociety interns the sequel.


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KERF Enjoys A Pat Down

KERF, food blogger or something, enjoys the finer things in life – beer mixed with seltzer, an occasional hushpuppy, being smug. She also enjoys travel. She recently got paid to speak at some Foodbuzz Festival in San Francisco and on the plane ride home, finally got something she really needed: a groping.

Airport things went really well. You just never know how it will go! I got a pat down this time. I liked it – it was kinda like getting a mini massage.

I guess a little human contact was in order since folks in the forum are claiming she wasn’t exactly popular at the Festival:

She’s just as smug as I remember from past meetings.  Of favorite gems, another blogger overheard her asking on of the vendors at the tasting “Tell me why I should write about you?”   Overall, she didn’t seem to be socializing and introducing herself to other bloggers.  I saw her on her own with her sister a good portion of the time.

What? Kath “Cease and Desist” Younger wasn’t welcomed with hugs and parades? But she eats real food, people!


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Jessica Quirk Bump Pic Sparks New Rumours

Jessica Quirk, naturally thin, has pretty much become so irrelevant that even I don’t bother posting about her any longer. Other than her very sad, very transparent pageview begging via adding “Read More” links – which is frankly such a pathetic last ditch move that I can’t even muster comment – she hasn’t done anything very interesting lately.

I thought you guys had pretty much moved on as well until emails came in tonight declaring Messica was sporting a baby bump (good lord how I hate that phrase). Here’s the pics that apparently made a bunch of you do the blog baby seal clap:

As a rule I hate doing posts like this because it just seems to open a floodgate of body snarking. But that’s the thing – she doesn’t look fat, she looks like she’s smuggling a fetus. I guess she will be in NYC twice this month working on some super awesome thing (50 bucks that it’s OLDR, Kate SPADE, or another book) so maybe I’ll hear through the snarkvine if she reveals any Baby Neckbeard news.


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Bathroom Baby Saga Allegedly Continuing At Grandma’s

Tipsters reported that “That Wife”, mother of Bathroom Baby, had posted a pic of her kid’s future sleeping quarters during her college break. As you know, Jenna will be dropping her inconvenient offspring off with grandma while she goes back to college for the English degree that will make her career dreams possible.

Well supposedly Grandma placed the crib in the bathroom as well.

I can’t find the tweet and image and no one seems to have a screen shot, but I am assured it did in fact exist. It makes me wonder if Grandma’s being sarcastic about putting a baby in a bathroom, or if such sleeping arrangements really just run in the family?*

People also reveal ole Jenna was quite upset over all the negative blow back she got over her decision to take a break from Bathroom Baby. We got a few emails alerting us that the attention was so upsetting, she is continuing to feed the drama by posting a long-winded positive comment she received on her front page – take that haters!

*Evidently “That Wife” has a tumblr full of pics showing the baby always sleeps in some bathroom-turned-photo lab, so the info isn’t shocking. Sorry, I don’t follow this woman so wasn’t aware this isn’t interesting 🙂


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Kim Baker of Anthroholic Feels The Sting Of Karma

Anthroholic has pretty much disappeared from the internet since the alleged scam she vaguely apologized for,  where she took money for services she later failed to provide. Well now she’s back…


This gem emerged from the comments of GFG post. Thanks to Tonight We Feast, New Year New You and Super Nintendo Chalmers for the screenshot.


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Gluten-Free Girl Now Joining The Widow Slam

Shauna Ahern, the “Gluten Free Girl“, apparently feels she is being mistreated due to the Widow Donation ruckus. She is using her facebook page to air her hurt feelings and absolve herself of full blame. She even claims she is being singled out for abuse:

Unfortunately, there has been so much nastiness with this. Some of the same people who have attacked me for years, which I wrote about recently, have seem to be spearheading this. It’s bullying.

When asked why the widow keeps insisting she had no knowledge despite all evidence to the contrary, Shauna (who was herself responsible for posting that the widow was months from destitution) replied by saying, in nutshell, that she must be a little out of her mind:

We have been trying not to address it because we wanted to protect Jennie. I don’t know why she is saying this. But I can tell you categorically that she was part of all of this. She and I spoke every day during those first weeks. And if she had ever asked us to stop, we would have stopped. All I know is that grief does wild things to people. We wish her peace.

It seems these people are all throwing each other under the bus and it has come down to who you choose to believe. Since I don’t have any side here, I can tell you what I do know: the facts show clearly that the widow knew what was going on and even promoted it on her facebook and twitter, and made no effort to correct the wild dramatic pleas made by Gluten Free Girl. This Gluten Free Girl seemingly only got involved to up her own profile by playing the angelic savior of the popular widow. And Bloggers Without Borders is run by a bunch of incompetent bloggers with no nonprofit administration or public relations experience.

The food blogger community continues to compare notes on where the blame should lie. The bottom line is none of those involved have any claim to innocence at this point, and it’s pretty clear none of them intend to come clean and make it right. What a great “community”!

EDIT: GFG Shauna has now deleted the facebook entry with her comments. Luckily a GOMIBLOG commenter had already pasted the thread here if you’re interested.