Living Absolutely Wants Pictures Of Beach Bathrooming

Jenna, loves professional photoshoots, had another photoshoot with that Yan Spam whoever person. And she’s thrilled with the special moments that were captured.

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Instagram Internets WTF

Alina Gonzalez Thinks You Are Begging For A D In Your Mouth

Alina Gonzalez, has nipples, thinks all you folks who don’t like her probably just need to get a rooster in your cooster.

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DaddyOFive Youtube Couple Charged With Neglect


Mike Martin and wife, the scream team behind the ‘DaddyOFive‘ youtube channel, have been charged with neglect.

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Instagram Mommy Blogging

Living Absolutely Will Scream Her Kid To Sleep


Jenmas, The Hands of Fate

Manos Jenmas, The Hands of Fate

Jenna Cole, self-proclaimed solo parent, is tired of acting like the perfect parent for social media. In a fireside chat that looked like a scene from a low budget horror movie, Jenma unleashed about how it’s fine to be…uh…whatever kind of mom she is being.

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Internets Twitter WTF

Anonymous Post Claims To Tell The “True And Real” Behind “Adorable” Twitter Romance

Zoe and her new husband Rob began tweeting constant updates about their relationship about two months after their first date. Why wait two months? Well according to a pretty wild wordpress post, it’s because he had to get a divorce from the wife he was allegedly stepping out on.

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Lifestyle Blogging

Family Of Paul Swenson Ends Daily Searches

The family of Paul Swenson, husband of blogger Ashlee Swenson, has announced they are ending the “daily search groups”. They later added they “will continue searching until we find Paul and bring him back home”.

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Lifestyle Blogging

Ashlee Swenson’s Husband Goes Missing

Ashlee Swenson, yet another 20-something Mormon lifestyle blogger, is asking the public to help her find her husband Paul.


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