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Living Absolutely Is Still Raging Against The Patriarchy

Jenna Cole, working mom who can make time for her kids and herself, is once again raging against the system that makes her life of job-free day drinking and instagramming possible.

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The Activist Mommy Will Burn Teen Vogue

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 5.14.36 PM

The Activist Mommy, does it all because of Jesus, wants everyone to demand Teen VOGUE be banned because it’s teaching children “how to be safely sodomized”.

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Michael K Taking ‘Semi-Sabbatical’ From Dlisted

Michael K, the adorable man who saved online celebrity gossip after Perez turned it into an MSPaint smeared lawsuit festival, has announced he will be taking a break from Dlisted to focus on his health.

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Dooce Will Suddenly Open Up About Some Kind Of Violation While Discussing Your Engagement And Wedding

As you know dooce, lowercase, has returned to blogging. And to make sure you come give her the clickies she is willing to now accuse people of violating her in the most “humiliating way”.

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Mr. Love Taza Wants You Children To Rethink How You Spend That Money

The Davis family took to the streets of this little city of theirs to celebrate the July 4th holiday week. Taza totally not-on-purpose outfit twinned that LaTonya chick. The kids posed for the requisite over the top red white and blue pics. And no holiday would be complete without the perfect Davis kids outshining some other random kids.

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Scheduled Slow News Day

Roundup Featuring Day Drinking And The Most Idiotic “Summer Hair Challenge” Ever

IMG_3955 2

Box wine drinking, nipple exposing, and a summer challenge that will challenge you with its challengingness.

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Alinagate Has Become An Exploding Watermelon We Can’t Look Away From


Alina Gonzalez, totally doing fine, has now been ranting for over a week. She went from righteously taking down the Cupcakes and Cashmere empire to trying to position herself as some kind of feminist crusader. This somehow turned into her spending the past few days apparently sitting in her bedroom not washing her hair and picking at her face until it bleeds – and telling anyone who expresses concern about her downward spiral that they are the ones who “need therapy”.

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