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Paul Swenson Reportedly Died Of Drowning

The cause of death of Paul Swenson, husband of blogger Ashlee who went missing in July and was found two weeks later, has been released.

According to the Utah Office of the Medical Examiner Paul died of drowning, with “alcohol and THC in his system”. Investigators have said there were “no obvious signs of foul play”.

  1. thecrimsonpetal

    His widow, according to her Insta live video, doesn’t believe the alcohol part and says that “a body makes alcohol” as it decomposes in those conditions. Keep sayin’ it until you believe it, sister…

    • Grey Duck

      There is some validity to this, as a dead body in water will literally ferment (as any dead body would). The alcohol they refer to is actually ethanol. What the medical examiner was likely saying to Ashlee is that the ethanol produced from his decomposing body makes establishing a BAC even more tricky than it already was (because alcohol is metabolized differently in a decomposing body and because they don’t know exactly how long he’s been dead/in the water). I will say that I watched her IG story and I didn’t hear her deny he used alcohol; I don’t think she’s delusional or denying anything by relaying that the human body produces alcohol (because it isn’t untrue/inaccurate).



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