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Photographer Considering Lawsuit Against Bristling Bride

Andrea Polito, the photographer put on blast by “social media expert” Neely Moldovan over a contract dispute, may be considering legal action. According to a statement her attorney made to NBC 5:

We will seek justice and do what is necessary to protect Andrea, and are in the process of investigating claims for defamation, business disparagement, and tortuous interference.

Her attorney went on to say “Andrea may not ever be able to repair the damage caused by the Moldovans”, and in a formal statement claims “the Moldovans have engaged in a public smear campaign to ruin Andrea Polito’s reputation”.

Neely and Andrew “denied making some online comments that were attributed to them and said someone else wrote them after setting up fake online profiles using their names” and say they never said they hoped the story would ‘go viral’. Andrew stated “Neither of us ever hoped her business is ruined nor do we even want that”. They have apparently hired attorneys of their own.

On Wednesday Andrea informed NBC 5 that she had hired an attorney, saying “The Moldovans’ story and the statements they have made in numerous outlets have caused me great harm, personally and professionally…a follow up story would likely only lead to further coverage of inaccurate and untruthful statements”. She then referred NBC 5 reporters to her attorney.

  1. I know why the couched bird snores

    Let the games begin.

    • Along for the Ride

      Exactly. It is not called “considering filing”. It is getting either first class mail or a person knocking on your door with a summons telling you that you are being sued in court. There is no if, and, or maybe about it.

      • Mel

        Are you saying someone can’t consider filing a lawsuit? I’m so confused by your comment.

        • you said what now?

          It’s more that if you’ve gone through the trouble of getting a lawyer and having them give a statement, then a lawsuit isn’t far behind.

        • Along for the Ride

          @Mel. First of all I am not taking sides on this. I actually could care less.
          What am I saying? Yes, anyone can consider filing a lawsuit, they can dream about it at night, ask for good attorney referrals, even hire an attorney. They can be totally diarrheic about it, even over the internet.
          But until they do file and you get that letter, or personal summons, from the Circuit Court giving you thirty days to respond it all doesn’t really mean anything.
          But if you do, at that point you better pay attention.

      • Lady Snark

        Well, they need to have substance in their summons and complaint. They’re probably in the process of sending a demand letter to Nasty Neely as well as drafting the summons and complaint. There is usually some lag time because most lawyers will send a demand letter first. At least that’s how my firm does it.

        • wut

          Hey, as an aside, how do lawyers deal with digital trails like this? I mean, the wayback machine can pull up all of Neely’s old posts, so that’s okay, but if she scrubs her social media channels, it’s pretty much just what the lawyers can find floating around, isn’t it? I’m not on facebook (where it seems most of the craziness happened), can they compel facebook to prove that she was the only Neely Moldervan at the time?

          • Lady Snark

            I mean, I’d probably search the internet and see if I could find some deleted posts. If I were Andrea’s lawyer, I’d be all over these screenshots and GOMI. I’m also betting this lawsuit has been in the works so they probably got some screenshots before they were deleted/she locked everything up. If they haven’t hired a total bozo lawyer, that lawyer will probably suggest they settle because of the overwhelming evidence against Neely. The crux of the issue is probably going to be primarily about Neely receiving the email from Andrea and then still going ahead with the interview. I think there are issues with the case due to Andrea’s careful wording in the email. I read her email to Neely and while it seems that she is saying we’ll pay for it, it would be a lot better if she had just said it. However, I think this will really come down to Neely settling because she can’t afford the lawyer bills.

            • Lady Snark

              And in regards to the bozo lawyer, I mean Neely and her potato head husband.

            • It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

              Neely doesn’t have anything worth going after, so to recover real damage$, Andrea needs to go after NBC as well. IMHO.

            • couchella

              Typically, in a case like this, what would “settling” mean (for Neely)?

              • Lady Snark

                True, Neely doesn’t have anything to go after but she’s not necessarily judgment proof. I don’t know Texas law but if they got a judgment against her, they may garnish wages. At the very least, the judgment would be on her credit report for at least 10 years.

                Settling can mean any number of things depending on a client. My firm handled a defamation case last year where a client just wanted a press release. It could mean a public statement from the defendant or it could mean money. We dealt with a defendant who had an insurance policy because the slander was done in the course of business. I think it would be difficult for an individual. I’m guessing Neely and Potato Head’s net worth is about zero so I’m not sure what the end game would be for Andrea. Going after the media in a defamation case would be more difficult. She would have to prove they had actual knowledge or acted with “reckless disregard” for the truth. A good lawyer will sue both of them, even if the case is stronger against one party.

            • couchella

              Thank you for the explanation! I really hope they (Andrea and her lawyer) pursuit

          • dorkee

            If it gets bad enough, they (Andrea’s legal team) can also get records from Fb, Yelp, etc… Yelp definitely will have a record of the account that was or wasn’t created and what IP address / etc… was used to set it up. They will also be able to tell pretty fast if it was a hack or legit.

            Just remember – you can’t “Delete” anything from the web. Once you hit save or send – it is there in some form for a really long time.

            • It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

              Heh. Someone could tweet @Yelp & ask if they’re having security issues, since Neely Moldovan is alleging that their site’s been breached by hackers.

              When Julia Allison claimed that RBNS mods had hacked her Vimeo acct, she in turn backed right the f**k off that lie when it was called to Vimeo’s attn via Twitter.

              Umm, er, oops?

        • jade_elephant

          Yep. Same here. Demand letter comes first. If that is ignored or not dealt with to the client’s satisfaction, then you file a lawsuit. So you can definitely consider filing one.

  2. my bad him just rolled

    Good for her, I hope she does sue. And as for “we hoped it would never go viral” – ummm…

    • Bathtub Madonna

      We didn’t want it to go viral! That’s why we contacted a television news station!
      *JLaw gif repeated ad nauseum*

    • Sweetly Snarking

      Exactly…that is why Neely posted a pic to Twitter of cameras set up in her apartment and referred to the story.

      • Nothing nice to say

        AND told everyone on her social media to make sure they watched. But she didn’t want it to go viral.

      • notkept

        That’s it! I’m signing up for Twitter.

    • Taxidermied Fetal Foxes


  3. Erik

    So the NBC teevee story also featured “fake profiles”? What a joke.

    • Mike Flugennock

      This was just on a local NBC affiliate, right?

      How long before this hits the Today Show? This sounds like the kind of petty outrage story that’s just up their alley. Hell, I’d bet they’d spend the first fifteen minutes at the top of the show lathering all over this.

  4. FattyMagoo


    • Tsk tsk

      I was hoping someone would post a popcorn eating gif like this, sine I can’t figure out how to do it.

  5. Sarah Ate Two Tacos But I, Kath, Only Ate One

    It grosses me out that no matter what happens, this idiot blogger gets what she craves: attention.

    Neelykins, I I had never heard of you before this but now I know who you are. I am poorer for it, and you’re human garbage.

    • Jacqueline Von Assloads >GW aka DLM

      Exactly! Never heard of her before this and she’s introduced herself to a whole lot of people as an ass. She needs to be dragged through the mud she tried to create for someone else.

      • The Having of Greatness

        Your last sentence is perfect. I hate it when people get away with spreading lies with no consequences. Hope something good comes out of this for the photographer, or something bad for the blogger, or both.

    • Yes! Good to meet you, you’re kind of an asshole.

    • Also horrified

      I’m horrified that I’d run into her, maybe on SITS, and had been following her. We actually got married around the same time. I unfollowed the second I saw her starting the BS storm.

      I don’t know the whole story, but good gravy, try to make it right with your vendor FIRST. Or learn to live with a tiny itty bit of disappointment. She didn’t get proofs on time? My word. Wait until something really bad happens. Like, say, the birth of your child doesn’t follow your birth plan. LOL, is she going to turn and sue a doctor for that?

      But really? If you’re a blogger and have a dream of making a living at it, pulling this kind of crap pretty much tells advertisers that you’re unprofessional, angry, and will turn on the drop of hat if every little thing doeesn’t go your way. Who the hell wants to work with that person? What brand in the world would want to align themselves with that hot mess?

  6. AlbieQuirky

    Sue-eeeeeee! I hope the PR business whose website was plagiarized will also be asking Complete Waste of Neely a few hard questions.

  7. foxywingchick

    Please, please PLEASE let this be Polito’s lawyer, entire law firm. Please.


    (There will never be enough opportunities to use this gif, danke PP)

    • NotSorryDontCare

      This just made me snort. Good job!

    • LittleRedHiHeels

      I hope that her attorney is part badger and rips the Moldos to bits and pieces.

  8. When I first read the story, I thought “Man, that could easily ruin that photographer’s career – she should sue.” Glad she is. Photography is a hard field to be competitive in – there are too many idiots with a camera out there. It’s difficult enough to make a name for yourself, you don’t need an idiot blogger slandering you all over the Internet.

  9. cheesecakeisaverygoodlie

    My God, it’s such a f**king trainwreck! I can’t turn away!


    Do courtrooms allow cheering sessions? We could totally body-paint “GO ANDREA”. The wave would be EPIC!

  10. salvia plath


  11. Emma Chapmans Posture

    After seeing a picture of her husband (on Neely’s website, with the photographer’s watermark on it) I can’t help but wonder if maybe she’s ACTUALLY upset because her husband is impossible to take a good picture of? He looks like someone photoshopped a Russian gangster into the pictures.

    It’s just his face, dear.

    • my bad him just rolled

      Someone (many someones?) called him Shrekface in the forums and now I just can’t unsee it. Haha.

    • Guerilla in the Midst

      He looks like someone made a Liev Schreiber head out of Play-Doh and sat on it.

    • brave + true is what

      Oh, god, my eyes!


    • Mike Flugennock

      Complete waste of makeup? Complete waste of DNA, more like:

    • fart bubbles

      Ergh I just clicked the link and I can’t even…..her about page has punctuation errors, gurrrl you say you’re a writer and editor? Peeps like this annoy the shite out of me.

      Back to the point! You are right though, totally looks like a Russian gangster has been photoshopped into that picture and the Live Schreiber comment is geeeennniuuuS!

      • Boston Marathon spot sponsored by Dr. Bennett

        It has way more than punctuation errors…

        “I graduated with my Bachelors in Business and Marketing, and Minors in Economics and Art History as well My Masters in Elementary Education.”

        Such educated. Very degrees.

  12. Joseph And His Amazing Affiliate-Linked Dream Coat

    Ah, the Fake Profile Excuse! Always a favourite!

    • Guerilla in the Midst

      Can a “someone hacked our accounts” be far behind? #amysbakingcompany #youf**kingliar

      • watery highball


      • P.S. Wedding Overalls

        Threatening pizzas in 3…2…1

        • lfi

          can we be bff’s because that is by far my most favorite gif of all time.

          • P.S. Wedding Overalls

            I love this gif and the video it came from. I’m always saying “…and here comes the pizza” and no one ever gets it except one IRL friend.

    • Mrs. Snarkleupagus

      Get Alice on that shit to verify IP’s!!

    • Janet Snarkhole

      You would think they would figure out something new….cause it’s not like it hasn’t been done and then debunked to death. PEOPLE CAN FIGURE THIS STUFF OUT EASILY YOU TWITS.

  13. I don’t want to run afoul of the GOMI rules, but does anyone have a collection of the instagram or other screenshots? Perhaps on Imagur?

    • Take this meatloaf so I can go pee in the shower

      I think anyone who does has a civic duty to send those over to Andrea.

      This case would be really interesting, because with the anonymity of the Internet, and the blogger’s natural propensity for lying and distorting, perjury is almost inevitable.

      (First time commenter)

    • dorkee

      She already has all of them. A group in Dallas was providing them to her almost as they went up.