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Pioneer Woman Is Selling Stuff At Wal-Mart


Pioneer Woman, shucks y’all, has a new cookware line that went on sale yesterday.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this collection with you, and I am over-the-moon thrilled that Walmart will be launching it. The quality of the pieces is amazing, the prices are fantastic, and every single item is a reflection of the things I love in life.

The collection seems to be a lot of enamelware style stuff, mason jar glasses, and “rustic” wood handled kitchen tools which are all very trendy on The Pinterest Machine. The flatware and dinnerware is not really all that distinctive – I’ve seen similar stuff at Dollar Tree for years – but will probably sell like crazy with her rabid fanbase.

So, not really interesting news. But she’s still a blogger and it’s really slow this week, and since Marlboro Woman seems dead I figured some of you out there might want a chance to discuss ole Ree.

  1. BellyDancer

    I remember when I first heard about her. I was reading the story of how she and her husband got together and I stopped reading after the part about she ran over her dog, ran to him to tell him, and he said oh we run over dogs here at the ranch all the time, don’t worry about it. UGH. I have zero interest in hearing any more about either one of them.

    • snoogerbot

      Used to buy crates of apricots at a ranch in Northern California – until the day that I jokingly mentioned to the owner that one of their dogs had been sniffing around the table full of food samples. He tore off his belt and laid into the dog right in front of me. I’d prefer that he’d hit me instead of that poor critter.

      Definitely some different mentalities about animals according to how people have been reared.

  2. Fart in a Mitten

    I am filled with conflicted self loathing because I want that sugar and creamer set super bad. And the batter bowl.

    I guess you take the girl out of the grocery store, but you can’t take the grocery store out of the girl.

    (((hangs head in shame)))

    • Fart in a Mitten

      I got a nope. 1113075.jpg

      • Betrayed Zucchini Trust

        I noped the nope just so you could have one. I think people we’re trying to Nope you out of the purchase! lol

  3. Coach Clodhoppers

    I admire the woman’s business sense. She is richer than God but still appeals to Walmart people, and the woman NEVER BREAKS CHARACTER. You will never see PW shit talk, engage in Internet drama, passive aggressively write about people in her life, sic people on her fans, or basically do anything that lots of bloggers stoop to. I so appreciate that about her even if her persona isn’t my bag. The woman is professional to the end.

    • legsfordays

      Totally agree. And like many others have said… I love a lot of the pieces in her line and won’t be surprised if I pick up a few things when they’re in stores, the next time I run into Walmart. (I hate Walmart but there’s one right near me, closer than Target, and well, sometimes it just happens.)

      • LaverneandHurling

        A lot of these pieces – especially the Flea Market bowls – look a hell of a lot like pricey stuff from Anthropologie but at a fraction of the price. I can see this appealing to WalMart moms who love the vintage-Pinterest stuff and poor college girls who like Anthropologie but can’t afford it. So, no: I don’t blame you one bit πŸ™‚

        Also: she’s one amazing business woman. For reals.

        • legsfordays

          You’re right – it’s definitely Anthro-esque and for a helluva lot less!

          • TINA bring me the axe

            That rhymes and should be the official tagline, IMO

    • Party Falcon

      These comments have clarified something I could never really put my finger on. Not only does she not break character, she developed a blog that turned into popular books that is now on the cusp of a homemaking empire, all while only revealing and then recycling very specific personal details. Ballet, meeting her husband, school in CA, kids working cattle, Charlie, eyeliner obsession, Starbucks withdrawal, tiny grocery store, love of butter. Over and over with little tweaks. Occasionally she’ll add a little something new to the cannon, like last year”s admission about jiggle, walking and her Fitbit. And this year, the college send-off.

      It all adds up to look like a real and full life, but it’s not. But it IS interesting enough to keep people around. To keep people wanting to be Ree or to be her friend or to buy the stuff she likes. And that is damn smart. And as others have said, how you truly build a successful blog that cushions and monetizes itself beyond writing.

      I think that at this point, blogging as yourself and blogging about your real life is probably going to be a disaster if you gain any semblance of popularity. Real people (you, me, that other asshole over there) are … kind of terrible. Or at least do not great stuff. In real life, people behaving badly are forgiven because we have to love them, or live with them, or work with them. Online, who gives a shit? And lo the cycle begins. Imma gonna criticize the dumb thing Blag wrote about doing because Blag wrote about doing it on the f**king public internet. Blag is a real person, has hurt feelings, did not view dumb thing as dumb, lashes out and responses in a petty way. My feelings are now also hurt, but what the f**k ever to me, I also commented on the f**king public internet, but that does not stop me or another reader who also thought dumb thing was dumb and the response by Blag petty to no longer really respect Blag anymore. And Blag in turn is now feeling persecuted and on and on it goes. Ree managed to brilliantly escape that cycle, still write about “real life” and is successful as hell.

      Also, in response to your comment below, I had no idea I was such a huge PW stan until today. I gave up reading her daily years ago. In fact, if asked, I probably wouldn’t have had much of anything to say at all. If, however, if none of what I posit in the wall o’ text above has been part of a grand plan and she just ‘lucked’ into a blog format that works….that would be a disappointment.

      • Roadkill on Batshit Lane

        If by little tweaks you mean deleting all negative comments left on her posts, deleting or editing old posts in which she refers to her mentally delayed brother as a retard or ‘my retarded brother’, and lying about the fact that she has housekeepers and tutors for her kids, then sure, she tweaks stuff a little.

        • No Wally World For Me

          Exactly! I have to believe that she has some serious people “handling” her that are in the background. There is no way she is singular in her empire these days. Perhaps, in the past she made those missteps but now I’m beginning to see the “woman” behind the curtain as others speak up.
          I was a “believer” until I read on that fateful day that her stuff was now available for the “lemmings”. Alas, she’s hocking it a Wally World…err…what? Has she no social conscious? Did she not get the memo? How could she even consider that outlet for her delightful wares?
          Now the cracks are showing up. The ladies at Mosser Glass are claiming she ripped off that cake stand from them that they were so proud of sitting displayed in her “kitchen” on her show. The Wal-fart designs is EXACTLY like the Mosser US Family business design. Crack…
          Will they next be copying the MacKenzie-Childs enamelware Cake carrier that she gave grandma on one episode for her birthday? Heaven knows that only a woman with her own FN empire can afford one of their original MC pieces.
          It doesn’t appear that anyone from her camp interacts with the ladies on her FB account or blog. A million questions asking where the stuff is manufactured but never a response from PW. That doesn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy. I want my idols to throw in a response now and then even if it is one of their minions. But to go back and delete comments is BS. (unless of course they contain vulgar words…assho*les…how dare they sully her wholesome FB account/blog)
          I’m thinking of cutting back on the Kool-aid and for sure it won’t be in one of the PW depression glass goblets. I ain’t supportin’ Wally World!!!

          • Roadkill on Batshit Lane

            When she first started many years ago, I read her for a while. It really was just her then; long before she ever had an idea for publishing any books at all, long before she was thinking about how to monetize the shit out of this. It was fun and she was very honest and open and down home about everything.

            Then it started to grow and at some point she got advisors and publicists and agents on board, and someone started telling her how to moderate her presence. Now there are people moderating all of the comments, her old posts have been taken down or modified, and the whole thing is much, much more curated.

      • Crop Top Feels Unfairly Burdened

        Interesting. I’ve never read her and don’t know much about her, but my daughter loves the Charlie the Ranch Dog book series. In the book illustrations, I’m pretty sure you never see her face. The illustrations are always cut at the neck (dog’s eye view, so not as unnatural as it sounds), done from very far away, just of the back of her head, etc. Seems to fit well with your description.

    • Israeli Hand Fart Maestro

      Which is why I’ve always called her Oklahoma Oprah.

      • Sparkly Crystal Chandler

        OMG. I need that username immediately. That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all night.

  4. NoelleH

    I really can’t hate on her. I love her stuff. Plus, she is filthy rich, and yet she homeschools her kids and those kids really bust their asses. She has her 11 year old driving and baling hay. She could rest on her pile of money and have 4 bratty rich-kids-of-instagram kids…but she doesn’t.

    • WholeFoodsDwelingDoula

      Come now, she doesn’t actually homeschool her kids. She pays tutors to do that and they go to a homeschool coop. She is a full-time fixture in the entertainment industry. And yet, you think she had time to film a cooking show, write cookbooks, write blog posts daily, design cookware, write childrens books, fly around the country making appearances and homeschool 4 kids, and put dinner on the table every night?

      • LaverneandHurling

        I think in the VERY beginning (like before the younger ones were even born) of her marriage she was homeschooling the kids herself but yeah: I’m sure there are tutors involved. No hate! I would think at a certain point being Mom and Teacher would be hard and the kids might not be as receptive? Totally guessing here!

        • here for the food

          yeah, in the beginning she was homeschooling for real. I belonged to a homeschool forum she posted on and I remember the days before her blog was big.

  5. flea circus

    I like those glasses but I have real mason jars I drink out of for the fancy meals when a plastic cup just won’t do. No need to buy those since I will end up breaking them all. And then replacing them with more mason jars.

    • Aunt Cornelia, badass

      I really hate this mason-jar-as-decor trend (not saying you do this, drinking out of them is not decor imo). I am really into home canning and whenever I see jars used as centerpeices or wall art or whatever, I just think of how much food I could process in them. And then these manufactured not-for-canning jars are stupid expensive, as you note. My mom collects the vintage blue ones and I just. don’t. get it. I use mine as cups when they’re not holding stuff but they primarily do their job and house vegetables and jams.

      • leeksoup

        I like drinking out of wide mouth mason jars because I feel like I have a smaller chance of knocking those over* and my dad and grandmother always canned veggies, so those were always around. I also use the quilt patterned jars for various craft supplies since they’re pretty, but they’re primarily used because they’re cheap and I can see what’s in them.

        I feel though like if someone were to see me drinking from one now though they’d think it was just for the trend. It’s a very hipster thing to complain about, and I know I, not the first person ever to drink from one but there you go. It also bugs me that chevron, triangles, foxes, owls, arrows (the archery kind), and a dozen other things have been run into the ground. πŸ™

        * my boyfriend and I bought some trippy curved glasses a while back. They’re cool, but I feel like I’m going to either knock them over or spill something out of them. It’s like using a drinking horn.

        • mkerin

          I have those trippy curved glasses too. It IS like drinking out of a horn. People come over and are all, “How the hell do I even use this?” They also break easily in the dishwasher, I think because they are so thin at the curvy part. Regrettable purchase. They do look nice on the shelf though…

      • flea circus

        I don’t can, because so fat, so lazy but both of my grandparents did and they were farmers with giant gardens every year. I live in the south, so mason jars turned drinking glasses happens. I guess there are just lots of grocery store people around these parts. Jam jars also make awesome drinking glasses and they are usually thick glass, so much harder for my clumsy ass to break.

    • Omnishambles

      My parents used to use mason jars to drink out of because cheap. Who knew back in the 70’s/80’s they were ahead of the trend?

  6. Sheridan Bucket

    Well, shoot. I was all prepared not to like this (mostly because Wal-Mart; I really don’t have a big problem with Ree) but dammit if those footed bowls and ramekins aren’t cute. Still not buying them, but I like the patterns. The embossed glass, too. Reminds me of my late Grandma (which was probably the general feeling they were going for.)

    • anonhole

      Your name. Hee.

      My husband never found that show funny, so I would cackle alone. Awkward.

  7. MurdererofDreams

    Isn’t a bit easier to be a decent business person when you’re backed up by mega dollars? I’m not knocking her, just making an observation. She could she just sit on her husband’s money and do nothing so it’s great that she’s making something of herself. But is it good business sense or the comfort of knowing that if it (blog/show/other deals) fall through, she won’t be in the poorhouse? So fat, so not a business person. The cake stand and footed bowls and the colored glass cups are really really cute. I’ll take a trip to my local Wally World and see how they look in person.

    • BettySpaghetti

      This. ^^^^

      When I first starting reading her, it never made sense how she could do All The Things involved in running a household, a ranch, a website, cooking three meals a day, AND homeschooling. Then I found out, oh, well, she married a f**king millionaire. (Isn’t Ladd’s family like the 2nd richest family in Oklahoma?)

      I mean, nice work if you can get it, but no one needs to think she’s gonna starve if all of this goes away.

      • Gsnark

        I think its easier to start a business if you have money (duh) but it does’t help you figure out your brand, target market etc at the start.
        Plus, not having to make money makes it a lot easier to slack off and she clearly hasn’t done that.

    • Coach Clodhoppers

      I think no. I can think of lot of rich people (Donald Trump, Dooce) who are just complete and utter unlikable a-holes despite the fact they own their own businesses. I think BECAUSE she doesn’t “need” this business, that makes her acumen even more impressive. She has a great work ethic it seems, has a very focused voice that she absolutely never veers from, and has diversified in a really tight way that is completely brand-centric and appeals to a really wide range of people. Ree doesn’t need to bust her ass or be a good business person since she’s got plenty of money to rest on thanks to the family business, so I find it even more impressive that she seems to really work at being good at the PW thing. She so easily could have sat around shopping online and being useless but she made this. I think it’s a great example for her daughters!

      (I’m not even a PW fan and I find her a bit hokey and cheesy, but I really don’t see how you can deny this of her even if you’re not necessarily her target consumer. The woman has worked and done a great job of it, despite not needing to. She legitimately created an empire. As Ramona Singer would say, Kadooz, Ree.)

  8. WholeFoodsDwelingDoula

    Jesus people. This is more overpriced, made in China crap. Gibson has been linked to lead in their paint of dinnerware, and the make Walmart’s home line of kitchen stuff. Would you all be rushing out to buy the Wal-mart brand of dinner plates? She’s a total fraud, and liar.

  9. TurkeyVulture

    And why are the prices so low? Because it’s all made under shitty working conditions. πŸ™

    • porkchacho

      To be fair, a lot of expensive stuff is made under shitty working conditions, too, just with a huge markup πŸ™ I don’t know, Wal-Mart’s a shitty company but my local grocery store ain’t exactly fairtrade, either. (Also Wal-mart’s the only way I can really afford my prescriptions.)

    • anonhole

      Fiesta Ware is made in my hometown. Those workers get paid *by the piece* and are right at poverty level. So…it’s not exactly all rainbows and unicorns when it’s Made in America.

      • porkchacho

        Yeah. I heard a lot of those “made in America” joints employ undocumented workers and threaten to report them if they complain about stolen wages. I guess they technically make more than Chinese workers, but it sounds rough.

        • Jan74, Fatopotomus

          They make more than Chinese workers yet live in a place where everything costs considerably more than in China, so it is arguable whether they are paid more fairly than the Chinese workers are.

  10. usuallyalurker

    Walmart is going with more celebs lately (well….Ree isn’t really a celeb…) Drew Barrymore is hawking makeup there now- I was surprised; isn’t she t least Kohls-level?

    • Impylicious

      I don’t mind. Where I live there is a Walmart near, but shops such as Kohls and Target are a decent drive away. I’ve learned to just grin and bear it! Just now bare it like so many Walmart shoppers do. Sigh.

  11. Cheeseburgers & Lies

    Whatever, I love it. I can’t be bothered to find a reason not to because it’s Walmart. Still adore her.

  12. magicallydelicious

    Well I’m having a glass of Bordeaux, a cigarette, while talking to my full cabinet of Le Creuset.

    I am a snob AND anti-Walmart! (I worked there one summer while in college…JFC on a grilled cheese sandwich it was awful)

    • Bread Baggage

      Jealous of your Le Creuset collection! I have one piece of it and it is the bomb. I was SO looking forward to Ree’s cookware collection because of her cast ironware, but will NOT be buying from Wal-mart.

      Ugh. So disappointed, the stuff is cute.

      • Crop Top Feels Unfairly Burdened

        Sometimes you can find enameled cast iron pans from random brands at TJ Maxx or Ross. And have you ever looked into cast aluminum? Doesn’t have the same not-grocery-person cachet, but my mom had a set of cast aluminum Club-brand pans that she got as a wedding gift and has used daily for 40+ years. You can sometimes find vintage versions of those on eBay. (And usually cheap, though they’re almost as heavy as cast-iron, so shipping is a whole nother matter.)

    • Magicallydelicous

      I worked for “the man” to achieve it! I like to cook and want it done w/the best tools. Maybe I’ll donate it in my will (will have to upgrade it, as a responsible adult) to MKYG to hawk on da streets.

  13. shank

    I don’t generally shop at Walmart except when I need to replenish my stock of sweatpants, so I probably won’t buy any of it, but some of it’s pretty cute. Better than Rachael Ray’s $20 plastic “garbage bowls” that are both hideous AND overpriced, or Paula Deen’s 1 QUART butter warmer.