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Pioneer Woman Is Selling Stuff At Wal-Mart


Pioneer Woman, shucks y’all, has a new cookware line that went on sale yesterday.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this collection with you, and I am over-the-moon thrilled that Walmart will be launching it. The quality of the pieces is amazing, the prices are fantastic, and every single item is a reflection of the things I love in life.

The collection seems to be a lot of enamelware style stuff, mason jar glasses, and “rustic” wood handled kitchen tools which are all very trendy on The Pinterest Machine. The flatware and dinnerware is not really all that distinctive – I’ve seen similar stuff at Dollar Tree for years – but will probably sell like crazy with her rabid fanbase.

So, not really interesting news. But she’s still a blogger and it’s really slow this week, and since Marlboro Woman seems dead I figured some of you out there might want a chance to discuss ole Ree.

  1. dwarf sofa dragon

    I know next to nothing about PW, but that pressed glass makes my fingers itch. I can probably find similar goodies at Goodwill or SA or any of the other 8 million thrift shops in my area. But... so pretty....

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    • Mary Poppins on METH

      I almost ordered that aqua pitcher then I was like oh hell no I'll go to the thrift or flea and find one.

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  2. mellamma

    It is made by Gibson Overseas and is made overseas. Americans won't be happy with that. Just stick with your USA made Fiesta.

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    • Funbreaker

      I'll skip the uranium glaze, thank you.

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      • Albie Quirky

        They haven't done uranium since the late sixties, and it's impossible to find the uranium red in thrift stores. If you do have some in your attic, sell it to Replacements Ltd. for $$$$!

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  3. 100 Pie Death March

    I don't see one piece that doesn't look cheap and tacky. Perfect for Wal-Mart. That Ree is a smart cookie.

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  4. Mary Poppins on METH


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  5. Six Glasses of Wine Classy

    Not gonna lie, I'm a fan of PW's. She strikes me as a classy lady who is extremely business-savvy. I won't be buying anything from the line (WalMart boycotter here), but I am not surprised at all that it's selling like hotcakes (while the hotcakes aren't moving at all). The whole line is a blatant Anthropology knock-off (which I am sure is a rip of something else), but it's appealing and pretty and very on-trend. Smooth moves, P-Dubs. Looks like Paigey's tuition check is covered for this year.

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  6. snoogerbot

    I don't shop at WalMart, online or in a store. Those owners are too rich and most of their employees usually get healthcare at the expense of the taxpayer - this may have changed because of Obama care but still.

    We pulled into their parking lot a few weekends ago to eat some fast food we bought nearby, and even that didn't sit well with me.

    Too bad - I am in the market for a new Dutch oven so will go with Le Creuset or Staub. I was waiting for her line to debut because I liked the looks of the purple oven she posted some months ago.

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    • GroceryStoreDutchOven

      I recommend the Lodge Dutch ovens. So much cheaper and numerous reviews point to just as good as Le Creuset and Staub. They also are supposed to have fabulous customer service in case you do get a chip in it. I got my Lodge last year and have loved it so far.

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      • 100PercentOrganicTrollTears

        Lodge FTW! I have a couple of lodge pieces and LOVE them. They're durable, affordable and made right here in 'Merrica. Long story short (yes, there was franzia involved) my dutch oven lid took a tumble down the deck stairs and landed on the concrete driveway below and lived to tell the tale.

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        • Stuck in the South

          Best place to buy Lodge is either at TJ Maxx or a basic pan at Kroger.

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  7. Lost in Space

    Didn't Dooce just go to Bentonville? Is WalMart seeking blogger brands?

    I thought some of this stuff was fine, but would note that WalMart already sells Lodge cast iron pans for less than these PW ones. (And what the heck is a 6-inch pan good for, anyway - at least, what is it good for that you couldn't accomplish with a more practical size, like a 10-inch?)

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    • Last Post

      Wouldn't it be interesting if both Dooce and Pioneer Woman were shilling stuff for Walmart?

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  8. Sister Friend

    Her enamelware cookware is the Paula Deen stuff, with new packaging.

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  9. unikorn woo

    Mother God blesss 'Merica and cow pie -- couldn't find USA manufacturers?

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  10. Trixie Belden

    She's doing that "online first" type of rollout. Some things are already unavailable on the website and they won't have anything in the stores for 2 weeks. If you order online, you don't get it much faster than if you just wait and go buy it in person. It's hard to know things like how heavy the flatware or glassware is, if the dishes are solid and thick, things I personally like to know before buying them. It'll be interesting to see if there's that crazy ebay surge for certain pieces like the Lily Pulitzer for Target debacle.

    *I am in no way conflating the market for PW with LP, just that they both have a fairly rabid fanbase than can become unhinged easily.*

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    • Bitchin' Betty

      Your username is the best. (Sorry, that has naught to do with what you were saying.)

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    • Ranger Doug

      Many people saying they ordered online, thought all was well, and later received a message from Walmart saying the order is "delayed," and that it's unknown when it will be available. Sometimes Walmart offers a refund, but not always. When others tried to cancel orders, Walmart said no; the order was too far along in the process to cancel. On her FB page, she told a poster Walmart online will "definitely" be restocking "very soon," but she told another "it might just take a little time." I guess if I was parting with my money, I'd want better assurances than that. She also points out "everything" will "definitey" be in the stores on Sept. 14 and "throughout the fall/holiday season." If I were her and knowing a little about Walmart, I'm not sure I'd be willing to offer such assurances on Walmart's behalf. Wonder what happens after Christmas; will it be discontinued? One question she does NOT answer, no matter how many times asked, is "where is it made?" I suspect Ree had little/nothing to do with the decisions in this line. I think she sold right to use the brand name, and Gibson Overseas took over from there, making copies of the stuff she has on her TV set and whatever other company's products that seem to fit the motif. Doesn't take a lot of "designing" to do that.

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      • No Wally World For Me

        Sure doesn't and it sucks. She NEVER responds to any of the questions on FB....not even "where can I buy this wonderful stuff, Almighty one?" There is no interaction with FB comments or her blog comments. That would make me feel ignored if I was a Reebot. But they still keep coming back for more...

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        • Ranger Doug

          Speaking of questions she never answers, MILLIONS, I tell ya, MILLIONS of people ask where she gets her marvelous, stunning tops cuz they want one. And she never, ever, ever answers. Ever. Don't think I've seen anyone ask her brand of eyeliner . . . That's another thing she can add to her new fashion line!

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    • lajeanne pace

      All I wanted was jadite cake stand, no longer available. Big surprise. On ebay three times the price Already Wee wee on walmart. I hate walmart more now

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  11. 2shoes

    Let's just be glad it's cookware and that she's not selling a line of those fluffy shirts she wears, ok?

    (Although I bet she'd design some pretty good boots.)

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    • 2shoes

      Nopes are a trip.

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    • Albie Quirky

      Those shirts ("shirtains" as they called them on Marlboro Woman, yes?) give me the heebie-jeebies.

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    • Ranger Doug

      She'd just copy Old Gringo, etc boots. An original, she is not.

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  12. sesquipedalian

    Well I know what my mom is getting for Christmas.

    Ok ok and I will be getting some for me as well because I can't afford to get my floral kitchenware from anthropologie. But I will not use it for serving steak garnished with steak garnished with a stick of butter, so...

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  13. The 20th Duggar

    P-Dub's blog persona is appealing, but have you ever watched her Food Network show? It's like watching paint dry. And most of her recipes are straight out of church cookbooks, not that she ever gives credit. I find her to be completely inauthentic. There's no there there.

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    • magicallydelicious

      HOWLING at your username!

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    • cabbage bed smell

      I saw the show accidentally, recently. She has dead eyes that will haunt me. She was making a chocolate cake and said something like "my husband really likes chocolate and he is going to get it" in a way that sounded like there would be poison in it too.

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    • GodsMonroeInvestmentProperty

      Yeah, her humor does not translate to TV. The show is cringe city, population Ree.

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      • rat placenta

        it's not! I love her show. the horses running. the wide open country. her cute husband with the deep voice. the cute kids. she smiles 100% of the time, that cannot be easy to do! oh you guys !
        at least her cookware doesn't slope in on the top like the Paula stuff, you spill it everywhere when you try to pour your soup out.

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