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Pregnant Freckled Fox Is Off On A Honeymoon Cruise

Emily Meyers Sometimes Also Carmack, pregnant, is evidently on a boat headed towards Zika virus central.

Celebrating their grillionth trip since they were married 13 months ago, husband Richard let everyone on instagram know this trip counts as their honeymoon.

Vacation time! About to leave on a cruise…Happy Honeymoon Darling!

He geotags the departure point as “Carnival Cruise Lines Port” in Norfolk, which appears to sail only to the Bahamas. Emily doesn’t specify where the cruise is going, however, simply implying they’ve been waiting a long time to take a trip.

A year and a month-ish ago we said “I do” on a mountainside, and today we’re leaving on a little honeymoon cruise! It’s been a long time coming and we’re feeling lucky:)

Well if they’re heading to the Bahamas I hope they’re feeling lucky enough to face fetus-ruining mosquitos without incident! #tooblessedtogetbitten

  1. A Touch of the Boleyns

    Ugh. These two.

  2. fat_to_fat_darling

    “Too blessed to get bitten” hahahahahaha

  3. No Gentle Way to Say It

    She’s a really good decision maker.

  4. Mrs. Veneer

    They really gross me out. Yuck.

  5. Mrs. Snarkleupagus

    If you got married “a year and a month-ish ago,” you on vacation, girl.

    • I’m assuming this is a sponsored trip that they are obligated to refer to as a honeymoon.

      • Fat Dash

        If you need to put off a honeymoon because you are a fresh grieving widow, maybe one should not have got re-married in the first place?

  6. Pineapple Head

    Is she on the same honeymoon cruise as KERF? Is this Carnivals attempt at getting a younger crowd to go on honeymoon cruises?

    • #TeamClegg

      I wondered that too but KERF is with the purple rinse set on a Princess Cruise while Em and Dick are off on family-friendly Carnival but without their family.

  7. Mrs Marcos

    Legitimately worried Richard has planned the “perfect murder…”

    • She’d probably be rescued by Kurt Russell and go right back to the same life with a different loafer.

      • All About My Riche$ My Name Should Be Richard

        Kurt Russell hahah..

        Better looking than Richie. That says a lot.

        • All About My Riche$ My Name Should Be Richard

          Damn. I pictured Kevin Bacon instead of KR.

    • Tits and Teeth

      He needs her to deliver his anchor baby first so he’ll for sure get a nice inheritance/settlement plus future single dad blogger revenue…

  8. Black Tie Qualifications

    “A year and a month-ish”

  9. Grey Duck

    She’s as white as I am! No one that pasty/fair skinned picks somewhere that close to the equator for a honeymoon/vacation. She especially is at an increased risk of skin cancer (and what type of cancer did Martin have, btw?) and she’s pregnant! Being paid to go on that cruise is the only way anyone in her shoes (i.e. pasty/pregnant) would go.

    *sings* “The sponsored photos are only…. A daaaay…. Aaaaawaaaaaay!”

    • sipple

      Didn’t realise us gingers were not allowed anywhere hot, did not get that memo…

      • Grey Duck

        You’re allowed to do what anyone else is, though why anyone with that type of fair skin would opt to vacation in a region where it’s physically painful for them to be outside is beyond me. Maybe your ginger hair is of the magical [boxed] variety, which also magically affords properties that make you less succeptible to sun damage/melanoma than those who aren’t magical gingers/excessively fair skinned.

        • sipple

          We’re not vampires, the sun doesn’t hurt us! Factor 50, cover up, umbrellas, avoid the hottest part of the day, shade – all great ideas to stay safe but we can still enjoy a bit of warmth. Sunbathing isn’t great for anyone so while it can be extra tough for us pale people & I’m glad to live somewhere where it’s grey 9 months of the year you can’t treat us like some other species
          There are a billion reasons to snark on Emily, the sunshine on her (not) honeymoon is not one of them

          • Grey Duck

            I wasn’t trying to snark her per se, but rather reiterate that it’s my speculation that she’d only go to such a tropical (and touristy) destination if someone paid her to go… Especially when you consider that there are other far more instagrammable locations (however it’s unlikely that the Cliffs of Mohr or the Eiffel Tower will pay her to visit). I would expect Emily to go to London or Venice (although she does plug sunglasses a lot..?). And she’s pregnant! Gastrointestinal viruses are known to run rampant on cruise ships and as Alice pointed out, she’s cruising in Zika central. I also hope that she packed Dramamine.

            • a random manbun and friends

              I dunno, Emily’s a pretty basic b¡t*h, and a cruise to a tropical tourist trap is pretty damn basic.

              Don’t get me wrong, I’ve taken a cruise to the tropics & I’d do it again in a heartbeat, and I loved all the touristy crap too.

              I…just do NOT picture Emily jetting off to Paris or whatever. She may have posted very glamorous-looking photos of herself back when Martin was alive, but even then her basic b*tch nature seeped through. But now with Sweatpants McGunBun around, it’s visible & right at the forefront. *shrug*

              I wouldn’t at all be surprised if this was sponsored in some manner, I just don’t think it’d be the SOLE reason for such a trip. Just more of a “Yay, we finally suckered someone into paying for our trip, so long as we call it a honeymoon! *high five* Now we just need to find a sweatband sponsor…but Honey, have you ever considered using doorags or bandanas instead?” type of situation.

              (btw, I’m a pasty & pale woman of Irish descent -tho not a ginger, bottled or otherwise- and have never had an issue going to FAR sunnier climes than my New England home ( my basic äss has been taken to basic AF DisneyWorld multiple times! Holla if you like tourist traps! Woot woot! ), so I really don’t get the comment re:her skin tone…??)

              • Grey Duck

                Good God. Hmmm… Ok, well, Emily doesn’t strike me as a beach-goer or sun worshipper. The comment was referencing how this trip seems more like a sponsored trip because of the destination (nothing about a Carnival Cruise seems like it fits with something she would do?)… And feel free to ignore the rest of the post, but if I were pregnant, I’d literally only go on a cruise (of any kind) if someone were paying me.

                Nausea/fatigue (which she had mentioned before) are a winning combination in/of themselves- Why not double-down on the misery with motion sickness from getting on/off an effing cruise ship?! Fun!

    • gleeful disdain

      It’s called sunscreen, a hat, and an umbrella. Good lord. I’m whiter than she is and can’t get enough of the beach. I don’t burn or even tan because I’m so careful. Snark on her for putting her baby in Zika’s path all you want–but saying she’s too pale for the Caribbean is, frankly, ridiculous.

      • Grey Duck

        If you’re whiter than she is and can’t get enough of the beach, I might recommend a dermatologist that you can’t get enough of also. I can’t stand being in the sun (I hate it) but when I have to be, I have heard of (and utilize daily, even on cloudy days) the sunscreen that you speak of… I also utilize a hat/umbrella and even having said that, I’m 33 and have had skin cancer removed (yes, even after having been overly cautious and living in the midwest my entire life). Spots that looked like ordinary freckles turned out to be cancer and while I may be ignorant AF in this regard, I truly thought that everyone with such fair skin must feel the same way when in the sun (for myself, my siblings and many of my cousins, it’s physically painful); clearly I was wrong.

        • shayismyadoptionguru

          I’m ginger and I avoid the sun like it’s my job! Totally understand what you’re point. With sunscreen I still burn in the shade. It sucks.

  10. whoshotthesherrif

    on his instagram someone commented to ff to leave richard 🙂

    • Mrs. Snarkleupagus

      His Insta is heating up with people calling him a loser. He’s got a fangurl that’s trying to hold it down for him, though.

      He’s got some scrubbing to do. And not just on his greasy head!

  11. Yogini Ballerini

    Damn, I have never felt sorrier for someone with such good fertility. Dumb decisions but I do feel for her – grief can make you crazy and the dude is totally preying on her.

    • Feckless Fox

      I can’t believe anyone still thinks Emily is/was grieving. Girl is an opportunist. That is all.

      High schooler Emily meets boy, who becomes long-distance boyfriend. Long-distance boyfriend goes on LDS mission. Emily meets older, handsome, financially well-off man. Emily says “bye boy” to long-distance boyfriend. Emily marries older, handsome, financially well-off man and pops out 5 babies in quick succession. Older, handsome, financially well-off man dies. Emily invites prior long-distance boyfriend back into her life and marries him within 84 days.

      This is not grief.