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Project Babies To “Move On” From Blogging, Internet Says “Amen!”

Following the latest round of “Kristin Gets Her E-Ass Handed To Her”, Project Babies has now declared she will be spending more time with Jesus and, apparently, saving orphans. Announcing “It’s been really fun, you guys. It really has been…But it’s time to move on” Kristin urges everyone to join her in…whatever it is she’ll be doing with her time:

We’ve got to get off our computers and start helping others. HANDS ON. No more anonymous snarky blog comments, no more twitter feuds over politics and religion, no more blacklisting haters or fretting over who-said-what. It’s a waste…I will miss it. I really will. But God has said (shouted), “It’s time.”

Oh honey, when even God starts agreeing with GOMIBLOG maybe it really is time to hang that ish up. Anyway, Kristin is off to be a wife and mother and “tell others about God’s redeeming love”, so maybe the internets can finally get back to the important business of posting cat gifs and discussing Dr. Who. Happy Monday to us all!