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Project Babies Wants You To Think About The “Big Picture”

Project Babies‘ Kristin, political expert, has made it clear how she decides her position on political issues in the past. Now she’s defending her devotion to Romney in terms we can all understand:

You heard right – social issues are simply not important if people can’t afford valet parking at the mall. When a few of her followers tried to tell her that social issues were just as important as her being able to take vacations in France and buy “Latino-inspired” outfits for her baby to attend festivals, she schooled them but good:

As folks continued trying to explain to her that a “thriving economy” doesn’t really make up for the possible loss of reproductive freedom, marriage equality, and other social issues, she responded with an intelligent and well thought out rebuttal:

Well then. I don’t know about you, but I am making “Kristin For POTUS 2016” buttons as we speak!