Raven Smith Says You Should Take Responsibility For Your Rape

Raven, of ‘Don’t Quote The Raven‘ infamy, is evidently still desperately trying to prove to men that she is a sexy non-feminist cool girl who is totally on their side.

This time she has decided to leave her clam trail on instagram, where she has a few words for you women coming forward about Harvey Weinstein.

And this is where we are today. A woman can claim this as “rape” and everyone agrees with her. Absolutely RIDICULOUS.
When are you crazy feminists going to start seeing women as capable people and not poor, pathetic, helpless little souls? When are you going to hold women to a standard where they need to take just a smidge of responsibility?! So he’s performing oral sex on her and she doesn’t want it? Kick him in the face and leave the room!!

Because everyone knows non-feminist women who have guns and dress to please men never ever get raped. It’s all your fault for choosing to be a victim, you whiny feminists! There’s no such thing as manipulation by, or feeling no option to say no to, someone in power; it’s just you feminists being ‘helpless’. Thank goodness Raven has finally figured it out for all of us – apparently the solution to ending rape is to just stop calling it rape. Brilliant!

  1. Thank the Lard

    Ignorant, stupid unaware jerk (many earned words,have been carefully left out) but what a stupid lack of humanity

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  2. highfive

    I see Raven hasn't changed a bit. Just a little puffier and flabbier. Still not cool, sexy or relevant in any way. Just an unhappy, ignorant housewife.

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  3. #TeamClegg

    Urgh. Sadly I have been in exactly this position (without the oral sex but with some other sexual stuff that still makes me shudder) back when I was only 20 and travelling overseas. Luckily my male friend got back to our room and intervened before anything worse happened (it was the hotel manager who was doing it). My friend was mystified by the whole thing and said "why didn't you just scream or run away?". Which was exactly the question I was asking myself and I've pretty much never mentioned it to anyone again out of shame and disgust. We even stayed at the hotel for another 2 nights with me trying to avoid ever having to see the manager.
    I'm not stupid or even usually a timid person. It was the most surreal experience to be so powerless. The Raven has just totally validated my decision to never tell anyone in case they blamed me for the whole thing. That was 25 years ago. The guy has probably totally forgotten about it but I never will.

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    • #TeamClegg

      Sorry to make that all about me. Just had a very strong reaction to reading that post!

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    • Curator of my Children's Privacy

      I'm so sorry this happened to you. Hugs.

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    • Ricochet Rick and the assket shot

      I believe you and it wasn't your fault.
      I was sexually assaulted by a colleague and froze. I'm trained in all kinds of defence and still froze. It's a primal response, you take the path least likely to get you seriously hurt or worse. Acquiescence and inaction are a self defence mechanism. It's not your fault.

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  4. MrG

    And she is a mother to two boys...What a disgusting piece of work she is. I really have no words.

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    • JuliasTooSmallTutu

      Shades of Brock Turner's dad whining about his son having to pay "for twenty minutes of action". What a vile, disgusting excuse for a human.

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      • Mistress Of All Evil

        Ugh, I had blocked that out of my mind, thanks for the reminder on a Monday!

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  5. ~A

    I'm thinking she needs to get educated about rape, psychology etc but I'm pretty sure she is the kind of person who isn't interested in learning. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, she doesn't get it because she has never been in a similar position and can't empathize. I honestly hope she never faces anything similar, but I also hope she stops writing about such matters.

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  6. confusing weiner


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  7. Heather Chandler

    God, she's so desperate for viral fame. You know she wants to be the mom version of Tomi Lahren, but the pills and booze took their toll on her looks. I wonder if she actually believes the shit that comes out of her mouth.

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    • Hairy Limb Watch

      I had just about forgotten about Raven. She had a bit of blogger fame for a few years, by writing "edgy" topics. She always thought that she was such hot shit. It's nice to see that father time has caught up to her.
      I almost wish that GOMI would ignore her completely. She doesn't deserve any page clicks, much less attention. She is a gross person with shitty values. I'm surprised she hasn't posted about standing up for the flag and kneeling for Christ.

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    • A Little Piece of Thread

      She does look rough!

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  8. gleeful disdain

    So, I just peeped her IG. She's never been on my radar before now. But---this heaux feels qualified to tell women what kind of clothes men like?! She's a sloppy mess!

    She's also ignorant, lacking empathy, and it's depressing that she's raising boys, but those are givens.

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    • gleeful disdain

      Hopefully her blog will live on the internet long enough for any potential partners these boys/men have will be able to see what a POS mother-in-law they'll be getting.

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  9. Instagram Welfare Queen

    What a disgusting piece of trash. It's no wonder victims don't want to come forward.

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  10. crispenclean

    Many people—and horribly enough, many of them are women—do not seem to understand that there are different ways to go about raping and sexually assaulting and not all of them have to occur with a gun pointed at a woman's head. There is an automatic trust in an authority (cop, priest, movie executive, celebrity, president) and then when that trust is betrayed, the authority's inherent power causes the victim to feel helpless in the face of it, or to feel that nobody will believe them afterward if they tell. Which is, of course, often true. Predators count on that. That is why they are using their power to abuse, because it gives them an automatic advantage.

    Even if a man does not directly hurt a woman physically, the possibility that he will do so is ALWAYS implied in a situation of unwanted sexual advances because the man is usually larger and physically stronger than the woman.

    Finally, psychological intimidation is also a factor—the threat of revenge or even blackmail (suing for liable, preventing someone from working again in the field, telling family or friends) is very real and often used, and clearly was with Weinstein.

    Women who are assaulted understand that in our society the onus is always on them to prove they were actually assaulted or raped, and other people will be working hard to prove that it was their fault. This is where we still are, though I hope and pray that recent events are starting to turn the tide. We still have a long way to go.

    I don't know who this Raven person is. I consider any man who speaks this way to be ignorant, but any woman who does is an ignorant traitor and should shut the hell up. She is pathetic.

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  11. JessiesGirl42

    Raven is still a thing?!


    Not at all surprising that her whitetrash ass hasn't changed a bit.

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  12. GodSpeed and a Muscle Relaxer

    Where can I get unwanted oral sex?

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  13. GodSpeed and a Muscle Relaxer

    3 to 1 not in favor of the unwanted.

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