RIP in Peace Gawker

I never thought I would see the day.

After nearly fourteen years of operation, will be shutting down next week…Nick Denton, the company’s outgoing CEO, informed current staffers of the site’s fate on Thursday afternoon, just hours before a bankruptcy court in Manhattan will decide whether to approve Univision’s bid for Gawker Media’s other assets.

Evidently is dunzo, and the staffers are being dispersed to “other editorial roles, either at one of the other six sites or elsewhere within Univision”.

  1. BreakfastPrincess

    *shrugs* Haven’t read the thing since they decided to make it all US election politics. Like anyone reads it for anything other than obnoxious pop culture?

  2. Party Falcon

    Real conflicted. So much of what they post(ed) was dumb or mean or useless. On the other hand, other than GOMI and my local paper, Gawker, et al are the only other sites I scroll through on the daily.

    Not sure the loss of Gawker will *be* a loss, given the continuation of the other properties, but there is something to be said (maybe not nicely) about the editorial voice of the original Gawker.

  3. Get the iodine

    On one hand, sad and scary the way Peter Theil drove them out.

    On the other hand, fly free, Rich Juzwiak. Go find Caity Weaver. Reunite and start some bizarre new project together.

    • oh, you

      Completely agree. The Peter Thiel/billionaires basically ruining press because reasons thing is super gross, but at the same time, Gawker under Daulerio was a f**king cess pit, and I bathe in the schadenfreude that it was AJ’s continued asshattery that brought all this about.

    • GingerGetthePopcorn

      YASS! I will read any those two write. They are the best thing to come out of that place.

      • GingerGetthePopcorn


        Stupid keyboard.

      • Get the iodine

        I lived for The Best Restaurant. Now how am I supposed to know where to take my doll for a nice lunch? I’ve read Rich since his FourFour days and I think Caity’s pretty great, but they’re just so fun together.

  4. Fuck Toad

    Once their comment section was taken over by Trump supporters posing as Bernie or Busters (or actual bob-ers) it became unreadable. Good riddance.

  5. Mazel Tov Cocktail

    The Germans need to make a new word, because *schadenfreude* just isn’t cutting it for me.

    The Internet is about to be overwhelmed with tsunami of homeless trolls.

  6. Bunny Swan

    Flew too close to the sun……..

  7. What in the Sam Hill

    You know, I barely read Gawker the last several years, but it was pretty groundbreaking for its time. *pours one out for fallen homie*

  8. Not Sponsored by Target

    Does this mean Deadspin stays? I unapologetically love Deadspin, and I don’t even actually care about sports. It just seems to hold their most enjoyable writers. I live for Drew Magary’s Williams & Sonoma catalog review and his “Why Your Team Sucks” series.

    Gawker did a shitty thing and had a shitty thing done to them. It seems the most appropriate ending since AJ whatshisname and Denton both seem like assholes.

    • I believe so. It seems the only thing being closed up is itself, because nobody wants to buy it.

    • Thirty Seven

      The sex tape itself… the way it was made? Hulk Hogan’s buddy secretly wires Hulk’s room with cameras? And then sends his wife over? And Hulk seems kind of disinterested? But goes down on her for like 2 seconds? Right? I didn’t watch it, just saw some clips on some sites dissecting the case and I had pneumonia so maybe I’m totally wrong here, but it just seemed so weird to me.

      And then the friend leaks the tape it seems? For why, I don’t know? To rocket his wife to Kardashian level fame? To show that Hogan is kind of old and not sexy? I… I don’t get it. If I were Hogan, I’d be crazy mad at the friend FOR WIRING MY ROOM WITH CAMERAS, and also what a weird friend relationship to be all, “You want me to do your wife? M’mkay, I guess, sure.”

      Then Thiel is all, “Look, I have this old beef so we’re going to use your weird video to take down Gawker…” And somehow it works because he’s loaded?

      The whole thing is so bizarre. I agree, Gawker was a cess pool and I can’t really be sad about it going under, but the whole case is so so weird and something seems off, but I dunno. Maybe it was b/c I read about it under the influence of NyQuil.

      • sequential shift refresh

        I think that they were at her house, not his?

        • Thirty Seven

          I thought it was a hotel room, and that her husband sent him over to Hogan’s room.

  9. PoppingBaubles

    RIP stands for rest in peace. So “RIP in Peace” is redundant.

    Or maybe I just need to adjust my monitor.

    • LaverneandHurling

      I thought there was a site called “Peace Gawker” for a minute there…

    • Thanks! I’m just some crazy business owner over here making all sorts of mistakes (#girlboss #supportwomanbusinessing) but I’d love to meet for coffee and extend my hand across the table.

    • Corporeal Beau


      • Please be kind to Baubles. We as women (I assume most of you are women?) should try to help each other understand the jokes, not just hurl sarcasm. #weaswomen #liftup

        • A Touch of the Boleyns


        • Zips up the back and no bones

          It’s hard though because women are not funny. So it’s doubly confusing when a woman makes a joke.

    • Fuck Toad

      apology for poor english

      where were you when gawker dies?

      i was sat at home eating crock pot franzia ham when Alice ring

      ‘gawker is kill’


    • Another Day

      No worries, Baubles, I thought the same thing for an instant. Fortunately I hang out in the forums a lot and remembered someone having “RIP in peace” as a username or a sigline, so I caught myself in time. Damn bloggers making us all wonder if we’re crazy or if it’s just the world!

    • PricklyPete

      For your FYI, it was a joke!
      *im totally kidding, I just wanted to say “for your FYI.”

  10. fugmoshoes

    The Geithner debacle was the last straw for me. That was so gross, disgusting and unjustified.

    • Baby Cakes

      I lost a lot of respect for writers on Gawker that I liked because they doubled down on defending that post. When the entire internet is united in thinking you did something gross, you know you done f**ked up.

  11. But I Am Le Tired

    Gawker was my home for a long time. I remember getting starred, the subblogs where we were all friends, the time RealAmurrican posted a photo of himself (such a hottie!), Richard Lawson, and Caity Weaver.

    • kittyhow

      Five years later and I still miss Richard’s RH… recaps. They were divine.

  12. Raging BitchSlap

    I guess I’m in the minority, but I’m going to miss Gawker. I appreciate a platform that unapologetically delivers the news (and gossip) without worrying about who they’re going to offend. And I think Peter Thiel is a total shit to take things to the extreme he did.

    There’s always Jezebel .

    • sequential shift refresh

      But the comments on Jezebel tho…. *shudders*

  13. Thrashing Around In A Tutu

    And to think, this is all because Hulk Hogan screwed another man’s wife on camera and he hates big Black penises in his daughter.

    Goodbye Gawker. We hardly knew ye.