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ROK Wants You To Stop Being A Fat Mom

Return of Kings, the MRA site that seems to have an obsession with fat women, is once again obsessing over fat women. This time they are telling women that “Pregnancy Is No Excuse To Be Fat And Gross”:

There’s an epidemic of land whales in first world countries b***hing about post pregnancy bellies, blaming even their own children for being fat…After a year of pregnancy, a woman has absolutely no excuse to be overweight. They’re just fat chicks who happen to be mothers.

After going through a bunch of math that basically says you should only gain enough pregnancy weight to be able to walk out the hospital 2 yoga classes away from your pre-pregnancy body, the author offers this suggestion to help all those disgusting pigs see the light:

Every time you see a woman who’s been pregnant a year ago or more and she’s still big, call her out with subtle remarks. A good subtle shaming comment is to ask the fat mother her due date. It will be awkward for you to do so, but we have an obligation as a society to help fat mothers be more aesthetically pleasing.

Yes ladies  – not only is it your job to pump out the offspring of these manly men, it is your duty to maintain your body in its pre-child state. Because not only is it “child endangerment” to gain more than 25 lbs., “being a fat mother is just plain gross”. So get on a treadmill already, because the MRA’s deserve some MILFs!