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@RookieMoms Has Halloween Ideas For Your “Dark Skinned Baby”

Rookie Moms, yet another bunch of moms telling other moms how to mom which is totally ok if you run a mom website, apparently wanted to share some totally awesome costume ideas:

Oh. Ok then.

Saying they “wanted to include diversity in baby photos featured”, they then tried to explain their amazing, original, never done before and totally worth the PR injury costume ideas:


While twitterites continued to ask them WTF? the Rookie Moms took ‘getting the point’ by the hand, walked it up a mountain, and abandoned it somewhere past the tree line. Tweeting that the costume post would be up soon and they “didn’t mean to rile up so many folks!” they also begged twitter to “Please help me understand. In 140 characters of course” what all the outrage was about. After all, she has  “plenty of photos of my own bald babies.”

Alrighty then. If a couple of privileged white mommy bloggers putting out a call for bald dark skinned babies to use as props for their bowling ball costume can’t understand why they pissed a bunch of people off today – despite hundreds of reply tweets explaining it to them – then I’m not sure folks should continue bothering to try. They’ve put out the requisite ‘gee sorry’ tweet and the whole crapfest will likely be under rug swept by the La Mommy Nostra blogworld by this time Tuesday.