Slow News Day

Roundup Featuring Day Drinking And The Most Idiotic “Summer Hair Challenge” Ever

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Box wine drinking, nipple exposing, and a summer challenge that will challenge you with its challengingness.

It seems Jessica Quirk is already getting bored puttering around her “farmhouse”. Her addiction to instastories continues and she’s spent the past couple of days slurping box wine and complaining about being broke. Which is basically how I spent all of 2010-2015 so no judgement here. (Who am I kidding, I’m a hypocritical assboil who is judging this hard.)

Meanwhile Alina Gonzalez has taken to posting full nudes of herself to her gram. A-Gonz is either missing the attention she received from her 8 day rant or really felt the world needed to see her third nipple. Or she’s just thirsty af. Whatever the reason this is the fastest shark jump in the history of ever. There’s basically nowhere for her to go from here except a sex tape or getting arrested.

My latest obsession – trying to figure out wtf Jordan Reid has done to her face.

Amber Clark has cut 3 inches off her hair. Did you hear she cut 3 inches off her hair? Because she cut 3 inches off her hair. It still looks ratty af, but she’s now jumped on the air dry bandwagon and has issued a “summer hair challenge” which is basically…air dry your hair. Very challenging! Oh well, if the air drying trend means people will go back to washing their hair more often than once a week, I’ll support it.

And now I’m out for surgery for a few days so, ya know, mod’s gone post ponies. Try not to burn down the whole site or kill each other until I get back!