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Sami Would Like You To Buy Her A New Baby

Sami Rigelsky, “powerful prayer warrior“, is a mother of six and the alleged “bff” of the morally upright MckMama. Determined to adopt a Down Syndrome child, she was delighted when her husband saw a child in his Facebook feed – “As soon as I saw her I knew. I cried. I knew.”

The question that instantly rose to the surface was “How on EARTH will we afford this?” An adoption from her country is upwards into 31 THOUSAND dollars. We don’t have that in the bank. 🙂 That’s when we know God spoke to our hearts that it will have to be of and from HIM. We had to step out, in faith, and let Him do His thing. So, we sent in an application to her government for pre-approval. We heard back on the 4th day that it was a YES!!!

Yes, without any funds prepared the couple applied for the child anyway – because why do any financial planning whatsoever when you can beg your facebook pals for the money?

I have 1473 Facebook friends. If every one of them gave $21.20 to our adoption fund, we’d be at our goal…when we first felt called to Ava I said that I wasn’t even concerned with the money.

Sami’s statements that “Countless times I have seen Him provide the way where there is NO other way” and that “He has said that He WILL meet our needs according to HIS riches” come on the heels of a post begging people to buy t-shirts or alternately to “please feel free to donate through the ADOPTION FUND button also located to the right”.

I’m aware that adoption is an expensive prospect and that nowadays it’s common practice to ask the internet to fund your life choices. But maybe you should save up a bit on your own before asking strangers to pay for a seventh child from a foreign country?