SAY Media Selling Off XOJane

SAY Media, the company that paved the way for Jane Pratt to build her broken doll filled digital kingdom, is getting out of the publishing game.

Today, Say is reverting back to its technology roots: XoJane and the rest of its owned sites, including tech property ReadWrite and decorating go-to Remodelista, are up for sale.

Digiday says “Two of its best-known sites, XoJane and Fashionista, actually lost audience in the past year”, and claims the “marketplace wasn’t ready for what they were selling”.  This announcement comes shockingly soon after SAY Media’s release of a new CMS for publishers called Tempest, and claims of booming traffic on XOVain.

Is this the end of XOJane, or will Prattypoo find another investor? Does anyone really care?